October 23, 2007

Good Deal on Gillette Good News! Razors

GilletteGoodNews.jpgI am a firm believer in technology and innovation. In my opinion, the Gillette Fusion Power is the best cartridge razor system on the market today. That said, I know many of you are still firmly in the two-blades-is-enough camp. Well, good news! Gillette Good News! Pivot Plus Razors are now on sale at Amazon - $10.04 for a 12-pack. And, if you sign up for their automatic delivery service (which, incidentally, I know nothing about), it knocks the price down to $8.53 for a 12-pack. Crazy? You'd be crazy to pass this deal up.

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October 18, 2007

The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power, with Spotlight!


OK, I don't even know where to begin here. A lot of companies like to put their logo on things, and men's grooming lines are no different. We've seen a bunch of branded razor handles which fit Gillette cartridges. La dee da.

Here's one that takes this to the next level - The Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor from Gillette and The Art of Shaving. And yes, that is a tiny flashlight built into the Fusion.

The built-in spotlight, the first of its kind, reveals details normally in shadow - such as under the chin and jaw line - to help you avoid missed spots and make every stroke count. The sleek, contemporary handle is an ideal combination of ergonomics and innovative design, handcrafted in polished chrome and wrapped in a matte black, thermo-resin grip.

OK, so it's an Art of Shaving branded Gillette Fusion Power, decked out in chrome and thermo-resin, with a tiny flashlight near the head. Wow. I'm seriously impressed. As the writer/editor of ShavingStuff, I just may have come across my perfect Christmas present.

We recently had the chance to "ooo" and "ahh" at the display of our local The Art of Shaving store, and here are some semi-decent pictures taken with a cell-phone camera:

How much does it cost? $150. Pretty steep for a device that doesn't sync with iTunes, but hey - The Art of Shaving is a luxury brand catering to a certain class of clientele. I'll bet they sell a bunch this holiday season.

And one more thing? Imagine shaving in the dark with this baby? It might be the most dangerous shaving idea we've ever had.

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October 9, 2007

This Just In - Sharps

SharpsUsa.jpgHere's a relatively new kid on the block who's taking the shaving world by storm. Launched in 2003, Sharps' Kid Glove Shave Gel soon begat a whole line of men's grooming products which are now featured in top barber shops and retail stores.

Our friends over at Details for Men sent over a kit from Sharps which includes:

Sharps has a whole series of gift kits available from $29 to $85, plus you can design your own. I don't know about all of them, but mine came with a cool Sharps iron-on patch, a small book of matches, 4 pin-on buttons, and a T-shirt featuring the Sharps goat. All packaged in a classy brown box and wrapped with a lime green thick rubber band. We'll definitely be featuring Sharps gift sets on our holiday guide.

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October 8, 2007

The Quik Shave Razor

More random shaving products from more random web surfing...

Here's one called the Quik Shave. It's got a "Y" shaped top, presumably with two razors in it, so you shave twice as fast.

Quik Shave may save you up to 18 hours of time each year. You can safely shave each of your legs in one minute flat with QS. Guys, shave your head in less than one minute. QS also works for beards or underarms, by using a one-bladed shaving technique.

I think the operative word in that first sentence is "may". Frankly, I'm not buying it. Unless the blades are totally flexible, I'm guessing you'll miss hairs where the two blades come together.

The point is probably moot though. No info on how or where to buy it. Perhaps it's just a prototype.

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September 27, 2007

This Just In - Barbasol

Got a shipment of Barbasol in recently. Set up the cans on a shelf because they looked cool. People keep coming by and saying it reminds them of an Andy Warhol. The funny thing is that the folks over at Barbasol sent a CD of product images we could use. They're really good; professional quality. And here we are displaying their product with a consumer-grade camera against my painted wall. That's art, right? I assume Andy Warhol would be proud.
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September 24, 2007

This Just In - The Art of Shaving

theArtOfShaving.gifWe're very excited to have received shaving products from The Art of Shaving courtesy of our friends over at Details for Men. The Art of Shaving has long been held as the acme of shaving, and it's about time we at ShavingStuff chimed in with our own opinion. In particular, I'm especially interested to see how The Art of Shaving stacks up against the Gentlemen's Refinery. Astute readers will remember that master barber Perry Gastis left The Art of Shaving to found Gentlemen's Refinery, which is without a doubt the best line of products we've tried this year.

So what did we get?

Aside from the regular shaving products I'm totally psyched to try to alum block. Never used one before. Will it sting? I'm guessing yes. Will it fix a nick or cut? I hope so. Will I get an nicks or cuts with the Art of Shaving products? You'll just have to tune in once the review is in.

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September 11, 2007

This Just In - Jack Black

jackBlackLogo.gifThe Jack Black actor / Jack Black shaving products joke has been made zillions of times in the shaving world. Oh? You didn't know there were regular jokes in the shaving world? Well, hang around for a while and you'll learn a few.

I've only had the opportunity to use small samples of Jack Black products before, so I'm thrilled to have received a full compliment of Jack Black shaving supplies from our friends at Details for Men. When Jack comes up in the rotation we'll be reviewing:

Very cool. Always nice to not only get a chance to review a line's shaving supplies, but also their other men's grooming products. Most of their items fall within the $10 to $30 range, with gift sets and colognes running a bit more. Click on over to the Jack Black website to learn a little more about this top-shelf brand.

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September 10, 2007

Review of Musgo Real After Shave Balm

musgoRealAfterShave.gifThe final product we reviewed from Musgo Real was their After Shave Balm. In general the balm worked well after shaving - helping my skin recover from hot water and a sharp blade. I have no complaints there. However I wasn't thrilled with the scent. Musgo Real After Shave Balm is definitely designed for an older generation. I could imagine my grandfather wearing something like this, and I suppose it makes sense since this brand was resurrected based on a cologne which was popular in the '60s and '70s. Think distinguished gentleman emerging from a barber shop. It's not a bad smell. Just not for me.

The second issue I had was with the packaging. The flask-shaped glass bottle works will for Musgo Real's Pre Shave Oil, which pours out easily, but not as well with the balm, which is more viscous. I love the old-school design, but when you get more than half way through the bottle you're really going to want a squeezable plastic container.

Musgo Real After Shave Balm is $22 for a 3.33oz bottle.

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September 7, 2007

Review of Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil

musgoPreShaveOil.gifWe're doing things a little backwards here. Yesterday we wrote about Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Oil Soap and today we're going to talk about Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil. When you shave you'll use the oil first and then the soap. Mixing things up! Making sure everyone is still awake.

Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil comes in a glass bottle with a design reminiscent of the early part of the last century. Kind of reminds me of a flask you might stash in your overcoat for a cold night. The oil comes out easily (perhaps a little too easily). A small amount is all that is needed to cover your entire shaving area. I must say, after using products from Gentlemen's Refinery I've become a fan of the layer of pre-shave oil followed by a layer of cream.

Once you're lubed up it's time for the Glycerine Lime Oil Soap which we talked about yesterday. One thing I didn't mention yesterday was that when I was spreading a lathered up Glycerine Lime Oil Soap with my shaving brush, I'd invariably get some in my ears. The lather, made up of tiny soap bubbles, would start popping, and for the next 60 seconds I'd listen to a loud snap-crackle-pop of Rice Krispies. Funny the first time. Kind of annoying after that.

The overall shave was decent. Not the best I'd had, but not the worst. Very little irritation or cuts, but just not the closest. I imagine old-school jedi-shave masters might do the second pass against the grain, but in the morning I often need to shave and then move on. I'm curious to know what other people's experience with these shaving products is. I think I may be a little too amateur to appreciate them, and I wouldn't be surprised that some straight-razor shavers swear by this stuff. For me, I'll probably stick with something a little more modern.

Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil is $22 for a 3.33oz bottle.

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September 6, 2007

Review of Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Oil Soap

musgoRealSoap.gifBeen shaving with products from Musgo Real courtesy of our friends at Details for Men. A quick refresher - these are Portuguese shaving products based on a 1920s cologne. These are also a more old-school shaving style than I've been used to - bar of shaving soap to be applied with a brush.

The large rustic bar is made especially for cleaning the face before shaving. Glyce contains lime oil to refresh the face, castor oil to soak and soften whiskers before shaving, and a trace of alcohol to remove the dirt which restricts razor glide.

Now I know some of you readers are masters of the blade and brush, but the rest of us are happy for the modern day convenience of cream and cartridge. Here's my first question - what do I do with this bar of soap? I could put it in a mug. I could put it in a bowl. In fact I've done both of these. But from my research, you want to put your soap in a container with a lot of drainage.

Next question - what if the bar of soap doesn't fit? More research suggests you can melt the soap by applying gentle heat (like on a stove) and then pour it into your container of choice. Really? Look, my time is valuable. I barely have time to heat up a bowl of soup at night. Last thing I want to do is prep my shaving cream.

Whatever method you go with, the next step is to wet your brush and swirl it around to work a little soap into it. This may take longer than expected, especially if it's the first few times you've used the soap. I will say this - in the end you use a surprisingly small amount of soap to cover your face. This bar is going to last a long, long time.

Tomorrow we'll talk about Musgo Real's shaving oil in conjunction with the soap, and the shave itself.

Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Oil Soap is $6 for a 5.8oz bar.

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