May 20, 2013

Philips Norelco Click & Style Shave Toolkit

Clickandstyle razor

Philips sent us over the Philips Norelco Click & Style Shave Toolkit and we've been enjoying it for quite a few weeks. This shaving toolkit will not only shave, but groom your beard, keep your stubble at the right length, and you can even touch up your sideburns if you're careful. We had no problem keeping our stubble looking beard in check, and we think it's one of the easiest shaving toolkits of this type to come out. The unit also stays charged for a long time even after daily uses, and we found taking it on our April break made for impromptu grooming without worry of it not being charged.

Designed for the young guy who's just coming into his own with a "real world" grooming routine, the NEW Philips Norelco Click & Style is a complete all-in-one system equipped with three attachments that are easy to click on and off for shaving, styling and grooming. This tool provides the versatility and convenience to achieve any style, giving guys the confidence towork their magic - whether it's a clean shave for the office or groomed stubble for the weekend.

YS524/41 Features:

  • Click-on, click-off technology to easily switch between shaving, facial styling, or bodygrooming with a single product
  • Two-headed shaver withComfortCut blades glide smoothly over the skin for an extremely close, yet comfortable shave without nicks or cuts
  • Beard styler with 5 lengths for the perfect stubble or a neatly trimmed beard
  • Skin-friendlyBodygroom shaver designed for a close and comfortable shave or trim on all areas below the neck
  • 100% waterproof technology so guys can trim, style and shave where they want, wet or dry
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October 10, 2012

Raz*War El Fidel Razor Starter Kit Review


Raz*War was kind enough to send us the El Fidel Razor Starter Kit to review. We are a once a week shaver so we appreciate their patience in us trying out this amazing razor. Our typical setup is a Gillete Powered Fusion, so the El Fidel doesn't have the vibrating option and we thought we'd miss it, but we didn't.

The handle, bag, and razors are really well made, and the entire shave was painless and close. We also liked the weight of the handle and the pivoting head worked wonders around our nose. The grip on the handle was also great in our hands, and it's nice to see a razor feel more expensive than 12.95 euros - we price it at double that. We also thought how amazing a gift a razor like this would be for the holidays and unexpected given the few choices men have besides overpriced ones.

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October 10, 2011

Review of Every Man Jack Shave Cream

everymanjackshavecream.jpgI recently got a variety of shaving and grooming products for review from Every Man Jack, and have been throwing them into my daily grooming routine to give them a fair trial. Today's review covers the Every Man Jack Shave Cream and Post-Shave Face Lotion.

The Signature Mint Shave Cream has a fairly thin consistency, more in line with a 'gel' than a cream, and it goes on easily and smoothly. I skipped the brush and bowl with this cream, and just lathered it directly on my face - it only takes a small amount to cover all of my whiskers. The scent is minty, but not overpowering, which is a plus in my book (I don't really care for strongly scented shaving creams).

The Every Man JackShave Cream has a good level of razor slip, letting my favorite razor glide effortlessly over my face and helping me to get a great close shave. It rinses off easily (no greasy residue) and leaves my face feeling moisturized and refreshed. While I'm a fan of thicker shaving creams, I was well satisfied with the results from this shaving cream.

And as a plus, it has no parabens, phthalates, dyes, or sodium lauryl sulfate, which can be an issue for some people's skin or health conditions.

I followed up my shave with the Every Man Jack Post Shave Lotion (also Signature Mint), and was pleasantly surprised at how well it felt on my face. It's also lightly scented with mint, but the scent faded quickly afterward (so it won't clash with any other scents you may use). The formula is light and not greasy at all, which meant that my face felt great for hours afterward (and I never felt the need to go and rinse it off, which sometimes happens with the heavier types of shaving lotions).

If you're looking for a change from your usual shaving creams, I'd recommend giving the Every Man Jack products a chance.

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June 17, 2011

Review: EZ Waterless Shave

waterlessshave.JPGI wrote about the BodyVerde Shaving on the Go contest not too long ago (which is still open), and have since received a review bottle of the EZ Waterless Shave and had a chance to try it for myself.

As a wetshaver, I was pretty skeptical about the product being a truly waterless shaving product, because of the water needed to rinse the razor as you shave. I tried to imagine wiping the razor on a towel between strokes instead, but after an initial attempt, I realized that unless you use a straight razor, you're not going to do that with any effect.

In my trials, I skipped the hot water step of my usual brush and bowl shaving routine, and just applied the EZ Waterless Shave to my face. The consistency is that of skin lotion, and it didn't take a whole lot to cover my whiskers. (And to be fair, I tried this with 3 days of whiskers on my face, as I thought what better test than one which would be similar to my camping routine?)

I was impressed that without a hot water soak (or shower), this shaving cream softened up my whiskers enough, and was slippery enough, that I didn't feel a pull on a single whisker. It had good razor slip and a light citrus scent, and my shave went just as well as if I had used my daily shaving cream. The cream wiped off easily and left a moisturized feeling, so I didn't use any kind of aftershave lotion with it and I got no razor bumps or 'shaving rash' from it.

As far as the water usage for this shave, I didn't shower beforehand or use any hot water on my face, so that's a big water savings right there. I ended up filling a bowl with hot water to rinse my razor in, and I did rinse off my hands after applying it (I probably could simply wipe dry on a towel). If I was using this in a camping situation, I would probably still fill a bowl with water for the razor, but could skip the hot water soak and the rinse, which would save a significant amount of water.

My feeling on the EZ Waterless Shave is that it's a great shaving cream, regardless of whether you use it at home or in the backcountry, as it stands on its own. If you're looking for a shaving cream that will also let you shave with a minimum of water usage, then EZ Waterless Shave is the product for you.

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May 18, 2011

Review: Kid Glove Hydrating Gel Aftershave

One of my pet peeves about shaving products is the number of choices that are overly oily. I don't care to have anything greasy feeling on my skin right after I shower and shave, so I'm always on the lookout for oil-free options. My most recent find is Sharps Kid's Glove Hydrating Gel.

"This light and oil-free gel is fully loaded with botanicals and anti-oxidants to combat the enemies: razor burn, dryness, sun damage and environmental pollutants. Dries invisible so even the most observant skin care cops won't know your secret. Not oily. Not heavy. Just enough fight."

The first time I used this product, I was pretty much hooked - it only takes a small amount, it goes on and spreads easily, and my face was left feeling as clean as it was when I got out of the shower. So if you're looking for an oil-free after shave product, you'll want to check out Sharps Kid's Glove Hydrating Gel.

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February 28, 2011

Review of Conair i-Stubble: Keeping Your Scruff Stylish

conairistubble.jpgThey say that scruff is the new black. Celebrities and power players are eschewing the clean shave for the five-o'clock shadow, but chances are, they're not just showing up after skipping the razor yesterday...

That stubble you grew over the weekend is a great start, but if you simply let it continue to grow, you'll be rocking a beard in no time. And that's a whole 'nother facial hair style... So if you want to keep your scruff stylish for more than a day or two, you'll need a good tool to maintain it. Conair for Men is about to release their answer to those needing some stylish stubble, the i-Stubble, and were gracious enough to send one to us for review.

The i-Stubble goes a step beyond the usual trimmers, with an electronic motorized length control system, giving you 15 ultra-precise settings. That's quite a few more options than most trimmers, and the handy LCD display shows you exactly how long your stubble will be at any given selection. It's got a "floating contouring head", meaning that the shaving head is not fixed, which makes it a lot easier to drive across all those curves on your face.

In the name of ShavingStuff, I gave up my safety razor for a week to put the i-Stubble through its paces, and I came away duly impressed.

This trimmer is a great daily grooming tool, with a strong battery (rechargeable) and plenty of power to keep my scruff in trim for the week without any thought of plugging it in. The length guide folds away easily to let you get in close with the razor, a must for sideburns, goatees, and moustaches, and the fact that it doesn't fully detach is a huge plus (I had the misfortune to misplace the guide from another trimmer after a move, and it made that trimmer almost useless to me afterward).

Cleaning is simple - just fold back the length guide and lift up the cutting head to remove it, or simply brush or blow out the whiskers afterward.

So if you're looking to upgrade your trimmer, consider the i-Stubble. It's a great tool. (No word yet on what Apple thinks of the name...)
[This razor has not hit the shelves yet, but we'll let you know as soon as it does.]

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January 12, 2011

Review of Kyoku for Men Sake Infused Shave Crème

kyokushavecreme.jpgI've been trying out a new shaving creme called "Sake Infused Shave Crème", thanks to the folks at Kyoku for Men, and I'm pretty impressed by it so far.

"With over 25 years of research & development, Kyoku for Men Sake Infused Shave Crème marks the new industry standard in shaving technology. Combining potent skin softening agents, friction-free silicone micro particles, and an exclusive dual phase cellular anti-inflammatory complex. Kyoku for Men Sake Infused Shave Crème provides rich cushioning to ensure a smooth and calming shave."

Well, I don't know whether it's the 'silicone micro particles' or the Japanese sake which makes this such a great feeling shaving creme, but it's got excellent razor slip, which makes even a weekend's worth of whiskers a cinch to shave. My face feels smooth and moisturized afterward, and I had no problem getting a very close shave.

The only gripe I have with this is that it doesn't seem to rinse as easily as some other cremes, but because that's happened to me with other brands, it may have more to do with the quality of water I have at my house. I live deep in the southwest, and have hard water, but don't really know how that affects shaving cremes...

Either way, I still really like the Kyoku shaving creme, and heartily recommend it.

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December 13, 2010

Review of TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm

facebalm.pngI'll be the first to admit that my personal grooming rituals don't usually include any facial lotions or potions, but since I've been writing for ShavingStuff, I've gotten quite a few products like that to try out for a review. So I usually use them a couple of times (or until I feel I have a good understanding of the product), and then they languish under my sink for months at a time before I use them again.

But a couple of weeks ago, I received a review bottle of TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm, and I'll be darned if I'm not using it every day now...

TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm is chock full of ingredients that soothe and nourish your skin, such as shea butter, pearl powder, rice protein, white tea extract, and willow extract. I've been applying it to my face after every shave, and it's so concentrated that a tiny drop covers my entire face. The scent is light, the feel of the Balm is not greasy or oily, and it leaves my face feeling smooth and tightened.

If you're looking for a new product for your face (or the face of someone you love), the TwinLuxe Face Balm is a winner.

TwinLuxe is a fairly new brand in the grooming industry, founded by identical twin brothers Anthony and Hubert Tsai, who have a vision of merging progressive innovation and precision craftsmanship in order to change the entire shaving experience.

"We want to bring the barbershop experience into the 21st century, all in your own home - an easy morning ritual that leaves you feeling pampered, fresh, and well groomed all day."

And if you're looking for a very unique luxury shaving gift, be sure to check out TwinLuxe shaving sets in chrome, anthracite, or ceramic - they're absolutely beautiful. The only issue I have with them is that they don't make a safety razor... But perhaps they'll consider it.

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November 23, 2010

Review of The Bluebeard's Revenge Shaving Cream

bluebeardsrevenge.JPGSome time ago, I received a tub of The Bluebeard's Revenge Shaving Cream, from the folks over at Shaving-Shack, and I put it through its paces, just for you...

Part of the selling point for this shaving cream is its claim to reduce beard growth with usage:

"Designed by a real life Blue Beard who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, The Bluebeards Revenge™ is a paraben free, premium quality shaving cream with added ingredients to specifically combat tough stubble. It has been formulated to our unique specification in one of the UK's premier male cosmetics laboratories who are renowned experts in the field of shaving cream.

Contains Decelerine™ - Reducing beard growth and providing a recovering effect on the skin. Decelerine™ contains a mixture of active ingredients that delay hair growth, reducing the frequency of shaving and depilation and at the same time providing a recovering effect on the skin."

Now, I can't speak to those claims, as I didn't notice any difference in the growth of my stubble, but perhaps it takes a longer period of usage than my trial. Or perhaps my beard isn't blue enough...

However, I did like the thickness, the ease of lather, and the slipperiness of Bluebeard's Revenge, and got a solid shave every time with it. The smell is pretty manly, but not overpowering, and my face felt smooth and non-irritated afterward.

So if you've got a very thick "blue beard", and you want something a little different, give Bluebeard's Revenge a shot. Even if you don't experience a delay in stubble growth, you'll still get a top-notch shave.

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October 18, 2010

Review of Wrath Shaving Gel from Red Devil Grooming

wrathshavinggel.JPGI'm a natural kind of guy, favoring the shaving products made with all-natural and gentle ingredients over the highly scented ones with lots of unpronounceable chemicals listed on the label. And there's some good ones out there, both foaming and gels. Here's a look at one that was new to me until last month: Red Devil Grooming Wrath Shaving Gel.

"Wrath Shaving Gel will help you take out the anger on your beard and leave your face feeling smooth and relaxed. Made from 94% organic content, this gel is non-foaming, certified vegan, and will give you a clean shave."

I received a small sample of Wrath shaving gel from Red Devil, and was pleased to know that it's sulfate-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, and has no synthetic fragrances. I gave it a go in my usual shaving setting - after a hot shower, using my Merkur safety razor with a fresh blade.

Wrath Shaving Gel is virtually scent-free, and goes on very easily (though if you're used to a foam and not a gel, it takes some adjustment). It doesn't take much of the gel to coat my face, so I can tell this bottle will last me a while.

It's slippery as all get-out, so my razor slid right over my face with ease, and I got a great close shave on the first pass. As I usually do when I have the time, I did a second pass, and man, was it a slick experience... Not a whisker to be found afterward.

Having a great shave with no greasy or scented residue on my face is always preferred, and Wrath shaving gel came through there as well, rinsing quickly and cleanly.

I tend to prefer shaving foams, but I really enjoyed using this all-natural shaving gel from Red Devil Grooming, and at 8 ounces for just under ten bucks, it's also a really great deal.

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June 18, 2010

Review of Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave

luckytigershave.jpgThe kind folks over at Mens Direct were kind enough to give me some credit to check out their shaving product offerings, and I chose to order a bottle of Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave.

"A Lucky Tiger man always wants to look good, because he never knows what pleasures await him. Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave is a modern take on classic shaving cream. It goes on smooth like lotion, but turns into a rich creamy lather designed to soften even the manliest of beards."

Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave is packed full of natural botanical ingredients, such as:

  • Certified Organic Chamomile - Calms and soothes the skin while replenishing and enriching dry or sensitive areas.
  • Certified Organic Olive Fruit Oil -Lubricates and protects the skin to promote a close, comfortable shave.
  • Certified Organic Calendula - Cools, heals and soothes the skin while rejuvenating, softening and brightening the surface of the skin.
  • Borage Oil - Clinically proven to help the skin retain moisture, borage oil penetrates the surface to promote truly hydrated and healthy skin.

It's got a clean fresh scent - kind of citrus-y, and it's one of the lightest creams I've used so far. When I squirted some into my palm, I was kind of disappointed at first - it seemed so thin, compared to some of the other shaving creams I've tried. But once I applied it to my face, it lathered up nicely (although it was still very light) and has great razor slip, so my shave went quickly and smoothly. I ended up with a super shave - close and comfortable - with no irritation. The cream rinsed off easily, and left only a hint of scent behind.

I really enjoyed this product, so if you're looking for a new shaving cream, try the Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave.

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June 8, 2010

Review of Crown Shaving Company's Premium Grooming Products

crownshaving.jpgI'm always on the hunt for men's grooming and shaving products that are worthy of becoming part of my daily routine, but many of the products I receive are not really for me - they may work great, but something about them (usually a strong scent or an overly high price tag) makes me leave them for good once I've reviewed them. Not so with Crown Shaving Company's products.

Here's a quote from the founder:

"Turn your dreaded daily grooming regimen into an enjoyable daily manly ritual."

And that's what it's all about for me: it's got to be not only enjoyable, but it's got to be manly as well.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package full of Crown Shaving Company's premium grooming products to review, and after putting them to use in my daily routine, I can honestly say that I love them!

First up in my grooming routine is the Peppermint Tea Tree Hair & Body Wash. It's got a subtle peppermint scent, and it left my body feeling clean and moisturized (not dry as some soaps leave you). An added win was that I didn't need a separate shampoo - just another squeeze of the bottle and I could wash my hair.

I followed that up with the Peppermint Tea Tree Moisturizing Conditioner (conditioner is a must with the length of my hair), and I was left with soft, clean, tangle-free hair. Some conditioners leave me with a greasy feeling, but this product rinsed clean and didn't give me strongly scented hair - another win for me.

After getting out of the shower, I applied some of the Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula, followed by Crown Shaving's Shave Cream, and broke out the Merkur safety razor for my shave. The shaving cream is thick and rich, again with only a subtle scent. I really liked the experience - a close shave with a non-greasy feeling as I rinsed it off. After my shave, I used the Soothing After Shave Lotion, which put a non-oily and soothing finish to my face.

Another key point about Crown Shaving Company's products is that they are made with natural botanical ingredients - so if you're concerned about what you're putting on your skin or have sensitivities, the whole line of products might be good for you.

"Make no mistake. These products are made for men - to make you look and feel like a man. Our rich lathers and lotions are carefully formulated with the finest natural ingredients to reintroduce the revitalizing luxuries of shaving, lost in recent decades to buzzing electric devices or chemical-laced shortcuts that promote expediency at the expense of a healthy, restorative experience." - Dino Caracciolo, Crown's founder and developer of the new grooming collection.
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February 5, 2010

Pacific Shaving Company Blade Oil Review

pacificbladeoil.jpgWhen I reviewed the shaving cream from Pacific Shaving Company back in January, I mentioned that they had also sent me some Blade Oil to try out, and that I'd report back on the results. And I'm impressed.

For my evaluation, I decided to use a brand of razor blade that isn't the longest lasting (to my experience), instead of my usual Merkur or Feather. I had a pack of Bic blades from a free sampler pack I got somewhere, so I started with a fresh one and began my week of shaving. My usual is one week of shaves per razor, and even though I've had them go longer, I change them out when I feel some pull on my whiskers.

After each shave, I shook the razor dry and applied the Blade Oil to both sides of it and put it in the cabinet as usual. The applicator is like a big highlighter, so it's fast and easy to do, not messy at all.

A week went by, and then another. Tomorrow will be the 14th day on the same blade, and I haven't really noticed much of a dulling, so I'm going to keep going to see how long I can shave with it and still be comfortable. I'm sold.

Here's what Pacific Shaving says:

"The act of shaving is not the leading cause of a dull blade. In fact, the 24 hours in between shaves do more damage to your razor blades than the shave itself. Exposure to air (oxidation) corrodes blades quickly, leading to a jagged edge and ultimately nicks and cuts.

Using safe and natural ingredients, Blade Oil™ has been clinically shown to slow the effects of oxidation and extend blade life by up to 95%. This saves you money and produces less waste."

I'm not sure if it's the formula they are using for the oil (which is pretty complex), or just the application of oil which is really making the difference, but that sounds like a quest for the DIY guy - a homemade version of this, including applicator!

I highly recommend this product, and I'll report back when I decide to change the blade, to let you know how long it lasted.

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January 14, 2010

Review of Pacific Shaving Company's All Natural Shaving Cream

pacificshavingcream.jpgBefore Pacific Shaving Company sent me a couple of their products to check out, the only thing I knew about them was the rave reviews they've gotten on their Shaving Oil. I've not tried it myself, but it's been well received by the green and natural community due to its all natural ingredients.

I'm not so keen on shaving oils for my everyday shave, so when they sent me some of their all natural Shaving Cream to try, I was jazzed, because I prefer a cream over a gel or oil. That's just what works best for me. They also sent me a tube of their Blade Oil, which I'll be using on my safety razor for a while, and then I'll write up a review of that.

The Pacific Shaving Cream has a very light scent - almost scent-free, but with a hint of botanicals. I prefer that to a strong smelling cream, so that was a definite plus for me. Instead of using my fingers to apply it and lather my face, I used my shaving brush, and the lather was almost effortless.

The company calls it a low-lather cream, but I found that to not be the case, at least with a brush. I got a good heavy lather with only a tiny bit of the cream, and could do a second pass with the lather left in the brush, so I think the jar is going to last a lot longer than the statement on the jar of 40 shaves.

The quality of the shave was great, with excellent razor slip and an easy rinse afterward. My face felt moisturized, without a hint of razor burn.

I think it's a great shaving cream, especially if you are the least bit concerned about the ingredients of products you put on your skin. The only thing I would like to see is a bigger jar. Even if a jar lasts for 40 shaves, that might mean you need to buy 12 jars per year, and I'm a big fan of bulk sizes for things I use every day. It's just less wasteful. The company does have an environmental initiative going with Trees for the Future, whereby they plant a tree for each bottle of shaving oil they sell, so there's another another reason to check out their line of natural shaving products.

You might want to also see their 125 Tips for a Better Shave, available as a free PDF download.

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