August 25, 2008

Hip Shaving T-Shirts from Ritual

shirtsa_400.jpgThose machosexuals over at Ritual must be hitting the creative juice hard again. They've got two new T-shirts for your shaving wardrobe. Shave Guevara - a clever take on the classic South American icon; and my personal favorite Shave Anything - a "homage to [a] monumental moment in 80's movie history". Mmm... Ione Skye... whatever happened to you? (Actually I saw what happened to you on E! and it ain't pretty.)

Both shirts are $18 and available in large and extra large. What, you need a larger size? Time to shave a few pounds!

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July 28, 2008

Quick Review of Ritual Redux

boxset_200_ritual.jpgA couple weeks ago we got a shipment of reformulated products from Ritual. You'll recall the odorologists and scentists felt they could do better, so they went back to mix themselves a new drink. After finishing up our tour with Peter Thomas Roth, we kicked back and cracked open a tall one.

Razor Rinse
This is Ritual's answer to bacteria growing on your razor. Douse the blade in Razor Rinse and you kill germs before they set up camp on your freshing shaven face. Sniffing the previous version of Razor Rinse was not a good idea. There's a lot of alcohol in there, and unless you want to burn your sinuses out, best to let it work on germs. The new version of Razor Rinse doesn't pack as pungent a punch, yet still delivers the good. That said, I still wouldn't recommend inhaling this stuff.
Improvement: B+

Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash
Love the all-in-one shampoos and washes. Lather, rinse, replete. Trifecta of old, a little lemony. Trifecta of new, a little lemony. Didn't need that much improvement, and I'm not sure it got much.
Improvement: B+

The Whip Shave Cream
Shaving cream. You know what it does. You know how well it works. And if you've forgotten, go read our review again. This product and the after shave were the two that I had originally felt were most in need of aroma therapy, and I'm happy to report that Ritual has sent these two to the finest shrinks in town. The new Whip is like buttah. Whipped buttah. Still lemony, but enjoyably so. Like when life hands you lemonade, and you make yourself comfortable and enjoy the lemonade, and think about all the lemons you didn't have to make into lemonade.
Improvement: A-

The Balm Post Shave Gel
Hold onto your hats kids cause there's a new kid in town, and he's going deep. If there's one product in this Ritual Redux that has hit a home run, no, a grand slam, it's The Balm. Using the Balm II, son of Balm, is like spreading clean on your face. You know when you're walking down the street and some woman passes you who smells so fresh and clean you want to turn and follow her? That's what I'm talking about. Kudos to the folks at Ritual for The Balm! I fully expect people to be following me now.
Improvement: A+

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July 17, 2008

This Just In - Ritual. Again!

boxset_200_ritual.jpgYou may remember our review of Ritual products from a couple months ago. To sum up - great minimal yet complete set of products, worked well, had a slightly lemony Pledge scent. Well, it seems I wasn't the only one who thought so, and the guys at Ritual have gone back to their mad scientist deep within the Ritual caves and told him to bust out the beakers. What emerged is Ritual Reformulated. Actually, that's my term. To them it's Ritual as usual.

We've just received a shipment of the latest Ritual products, and while the originals are still fresh in our mind, we're going to compare the new formulation with the old. Can't wait for our results? $2 gets you travel-size samples of four of their products. Not a bad gig. Tune back in soon for our re-review.

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July 15, 2008

The Great American Bathroom Book from Ritual

ritual_bathroom_book.jpgWhat do you take into the bathroom to help with your morning business? A magazine? A crossword puzzle? A laptop? (C'mon, we've all done it.) Now our friends over at Ritual have come out with the perfect bathroom companion - The Great American Bathroom Book:

Mark Twain said: "A classic is something that everybody wants to have read, and nobody wants to read." Since you'll probably never have time to read every good book cover to cover, THE GREAT AMERICAN BATHROOM BOOK lets you in on the key points of an all-time great in just 10 or 15 minutes of reading. It's the perfect way to pass time on your thrown.

The King declares "genius!"

The Great American Bathroom Book is $20. And for those whose business is an aromatic nightmare, may we also recommend Ritual's Nature Calls, a toilet bowl deodorizer which works surprisingly well. See our review here.

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May 21, 2008

Get All Products from Ritual in "The Kit"

boxset_200_ritual.jpgAll of the items we've been reviewing over the past week have come from Ritual's The Kit, which includes full size containers of all their products - Nature Calls, Razor Rinse, The Whip, The Balm and Trifecta. Plus, The Kit comes in an old-school wooden box (pictured) with Ritual's logo burned and branded on the top. All-in-all it makes for a sweet presentation.

Oh! Did say present-a-tion? Huh, Father's Day is coming up. The Kit might make a dad very happy.

The Kit from Ritual is $79.

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May 20, 2008

Review of The Balm Post-Shave Gel from Ritual

balm_250.jpgYour face needs a little healing help after you've taken The Whip to it. Good thing Ritual has you covered with The Balm post-shave gel.

Stand by the ritual. The Balm has fresh cooling Aloe and Lidocaine to extinguish your face after a shave. The Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel will continue to work throughout the day (or night) to soothe your skin and prevent irritation from shaving. It's the perfect ending to your Triple S.

(For those of you who missed a day in class, "Triple S" is shave, shower, and sh!t. Not necessarily in that order.)

The Balm works well as a post-shave gel. It's a great way to finish your shave and leave your skin rejuvinated and re-moisturized. Of all the Ritual products, though, this one was my least favorite. The scent was again a little too lemony and medicinal. And for me, there's an ingredient that I'm allergic to. Makes my lips and mouth go a little numb for about 20 minutes.

It's unlikely you will be allergic to it too. Several other shaving products have given me this type of reaction (Pacific Shaving Oil was one) and I've given them to friends and they've had no problem. I know, I'm delicate. One pea under my mattress and I'm a bruised mess. Guess I won't be the star of the ShavingStuff action-hero movie.

The Balm post shave gel from Ritual is $19 for a 4 oz tube. If you're interested in The Whip shaving cream, get the Balm to finish your shave off right.

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May 19, 2008

Review of The Whip Shaving Cream from Ritual

whip_250.jpgFinally! We've been shampooing, disinfecting, and even masking the smell of our sh!t business with products from Ritual. It's about time we shaved. Say hello to The Whip.

Abide by the ritual. The Whip is a richly lathered shave cream, which spreads easily across your face and neck no matter how thick your facial hair. It calms with Aloe, Chamomile, and Cucumber extracts and contains just enough Lidocaine to reduce the burning and redness that result from shaving.

I was totally happy with the shave from The Whip. Nice and close. No nick or cuts. No irritation. And even though they describe it as "richly lathered", the Whip doesn't foam or lather on your face, which is a plus in my book. It's white, not clear, but you can still see a fair amount of your skin underneath if you're trying to avoid a blemish or existing facial hair.

I think the only mark against The Whip from me would be the scent. Somewhere between medicinal and lemony, although not altogether unpleasant. This isn't a recommendation against The Whip. Just saying I've smelled better.

The Whip Shave Cream from Ritual is $18 for a 6 oz tube.

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May 16, 2008

Review of Trifecta Body, Hair, and Face Wash from Ritual

trifecta_250.jpgDay three of our tour of products from Ritual. We'll take a break from shaving-related products and talk about Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash.

Obey the ritual. Trifecta takes your three essential shower products and packs them into an all-in-one body, hair and face wash. It is specially formulated to lather up with ease in both hard and soft water. Trifecta has powerful dirt-defying suds and moisturizes with Soy and Wheat Proteins to leave you feeling spic-and-span from head to toe.

I'm no expert on shampoos, but Trifecta seems to do a great job on my hair. What I really like is the ability to take the lather from my hair and use it to wash my face. Easy, convenient, and efficient. I'm a big fan of these three-in-one products, although I admit that I usually only use two of their three capabilities. I still like a bar of soap for the body. Transferring lather to my various nooks and crannies isn't as easy as a good ol' bar of soap. I supposed I could attempt to use a washcloth, but hey, two out of three ain't bad.

Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash is $16 for an 8 oz. tube.

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May 15, 2008

Review of Ritual Razor Rinse

rinse_250.jpgDay two in our look at products from Ritual, and we're focusing on Ritual Razor Rinse, another product we wrote about a while back and have finally had the opportunity to use.

Here's the deal - you've taken a hot shower so your pores are wide open. Your skin is at its most vulnerable. And you're about to treat it to a razor which has been sitting around for a day with who knows what growing on it. Hey, there's a reason doctors sterilize their tools before using them, and maybe you should too.

Ritual Razor Rinse is largely alcohol, with a dose of tea tree oil and some lemony scent to cut any harshness. Also, it's more of a gel than liquid, so you can squeeze a little on the head of your razor and then carefully work it around with your fingers to cover the entire surface. Then, when you're ready to shave, rinse under hot water and away you go.

So does it work? Hard to say exactly, but I think the answer is yes. I seemed to have less red bumps and break out after using it. Also, dermatologist Howard Fein endorses it, so you know it's got to be good. I'd definitely give it a try if you've got sensitive skin and are looking for ways to reduce flair-up from shaving.

Ritual's Razor Rinse is $17 for a 4oz. tube.

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May 14, 2008

Review of Nature Calls from Ritual

naturecalls_200.jpgBeen shaving with products from Ritual recently. Their line of men's grooming products includes several unique offerings, including today's subject of review.

A while back we came across a most interesting product - Nature Calls from Ritual - which purported to eliminate the unpleasant smell of a particular part of your morning routine.

Just two drops of Nature Calls in your toilet prior to doing your business obliterates all odor. This truly revolutionary solution is derived from plant extract and doesn't just cover up unpleasant smells, it completely eliminates them.

I was skeptical. I made a few jokes. And then Ritual sent over a sample.

Guess what - it actually works pretty well. Look, I'm not proud of my morning business. And neither is my wife. And while I could go the match or candle route, I usually opt for the bathroom fan, which doesn't quite cut it. Two drops of Ritual and there's really no need to fumigate. I wouldn't say all odor is eliminated, but it's a good 80% - 90% reduction. And that can save a marriage. If you've got a powerful colon, I'd definitely recommend giving this stuff a try.

Nature Calls from Ritual is $9 for a 0.5 oz bottle (which will last a long time).

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January 16, 2008

This Just In - Ritual

boxset_200.jpgLast week we posted about Ritual Razor Rinse, an antiseptic for your razor blades to kill germs which cause breakouts, razor bumps, and in-grown hairs. Now we're going to see if it stands up to the ShavingStuff test. Ritual just sent over their Ritual - The Kit ($79) which contains Razor Rinse and a whole lot more. In fact, The Kit contains:

Not only that but The Kit comes in this kick-ass wooden box with their logo burned onto the front. Sweet!

Now, you may have skimmed over that list and missed the last item. Or, a regular reader might have read that closely and said to themself, "toilet deodorizer drops?" That sounds familiar. Correct! We blogged about Ritual's Natural Calls way back in August of last year. And at least one reader wrote in and thought it was pretty good.

We'll be putting all of Ritual's products to the test, so tune back in for our reviews. In the meantime surf on over to yourritual.com and see if their products are right for you. And if you're feeling bold, upload your photo to their Rate My 'Stache section and show off your whiskers.

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January 8, 2008

Ritual's Razor Rinse Kills Germs Before You Shave

rinse_250.jpgWhat's your morning routine? Quick shower. Towel dry. Pull out the old razor and start shaving.


There may be harmful bacteria on the razor. And when is a better time to invade your face than right after a hot shower when your skin is soft and pores are open. (Cue the bugles.) Ritual's Razor Rinse to the rescue!

Razor Rinse kills harmful staph bacteria, the primary cause of razor burn, unsightly red bumps, and in-grown hairs. We cannot stress enough the importance of this product. Bacteria on the blade must be eliminated before shaving begins. Other products treat bumps post-shave once the harm has already been done. We think that's too late, don't you? Thanks to Tea Tree Oil, Razor Rinse also acts as a blade lubricant for a smoother shave.

If you've got sensitive skin prone to breakout or in-grown hairs, give this rinse a try. Ritual's Razor Rinse is $17 for a 4oz. tube.

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August 13, 2007

Nature Calls from Ritual

I surf. You surf. We all surf for ice cream. Or shaving. Here's what happens when you follow a few links - You come across something like Ritual brand shaving products. Innocuous enough at first, but wait - what's this? Nature Calls? That's interesting...
Just two drops of Nature Calls in your toilet prior to doing your business will obliterate all odor. This truly revolutionary, plant-extract-derived solution doesn't just cover up unpleasant smells, it eliminates them. The perfect way to kickoff your Triple S.

In my morning ritual the "S" they're talking about usually come last, but still, I wonder if it works. Honestly, I could use something like that now that I'm no longer single.

Ritual has an entire line of men's grooming products from sh!t, shower, to shave. Prices are all under $20 except the multi-pack kits.

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