December 1, 2009

Cologne from Michael Jackson's DNA Now Available

Michael Jackson.jpgFile this under: What. The. Hell.

A perfume company is now making fragrances available that are made with the DNA of dead celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Marylin Monroe, and Elvis:

"My DNA Fragrance, a perfume manufacturer of one-of-a-kind, unique exclusive fragrance custom formulated from your DNA genetic code recently inked a deal with John Reznikoff to analyze the hair of more than 100 deceased celebrities for the creation of the new Antiquity Fragrance Collection. Reznikoff's collection includes hair from some of the world's most loved celebrities and historical notables including Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Micheal Jackson and Katherine Hepburn."

Image: 米死米(MSM) at Flickr

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September 22, 2009

New Shaving Product gets 300 Shaves from One Blade

Revolt.jpgAccording to the Ron Christensen Sr., inventor of Revolt Lubricating Liquid, by using the product on his razor, it allows him to get over 350 shaves from a single razor cartridge. That's a year's worth of shaves.

"It will basically get rid of the need of 95 percent of razor blades out there."

Get rid of 95% of razor blades? Just exactly how, mister?

Christensen is a mechanical engineer who got fed up with buying razor blades so often and began searching for ways to increase the life of the blades about six years ago. According to him, water left on the blades causes them to rust, which dulls them, and by keeping water off of the metal, he found that he could make the blades last much longer.

Christensen's solution is a blend of mineral oils and aloe and vitamin E which is used to store both razors and spare blades in. He recently received a US patent for his product.

Revolt Lubricating Liquid is available online, or if you're looking for a homemade solution, try using straight mineral oil to store your razor head.

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September 10, 2009

DIY Razor and Brush Stand

I admit it. I don't have a shaving stand for my razor, and I am probably not going to go out and buy one. So unless someone wants to give me this stand or this one, I'm going to have to make my own. I started looking for instructions, and found this great tutorial from Instructables:

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September 3, 2009

Sharpen Your Blade to a Razor Edge

One of the most frustrating things about any sharpened implement is getting it back to a razor edge. From a pocketknife to a straight razor to an ax, a fine edge is the key to a close shave.

The best book I've found by far is the Razor Edge Book of Sharpening. This book features practical information in a straight forward way, and will have you sharpening every blade in your house like a pro.

"Universally recognized as "The Bible of The Cutting Edge", this book belongs in the library of anyone who is serious about sharpening. Written by Guinness world record holder John Juranitch, it contains all the knowledge and insights gained during his more than 40 years in the sharpening industry.

The 145 page book is crammed with photos, illustrations and cutting edge secrets you won't find anywhere else. Its 14 chapters cover topics like how to choose a knife, sharpening theories and applications, steeling, using a hone and much, much more. You'll get answers to the most asked questions. You'll learn the truth about common myths like why you should never use oil on a hone. And you'll get the insights necessary to put a great edge on knives, axes, fish hooks, arrowheads, chain saws and other tools.

It's a history, a handbook, a reference manual that is the simplest, most complete way to give yourself a razor edge on sharpening."

Here's a video clip of the author shaving with an ax. Yes, an ax.

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July 27, 2009

Restore Your Hair With... Lasers?

hairmax.jpgBefore you make an appointment with the hair restoration doctor, consider this: the HairMax LaserComb.

According to the manufacturer, it's "the only medical device that has been clinically proven to promote hair growth" and was named Time Magazine's "Invention of the Year".

I don't have experience with this device, so I can't tell you if it works or not, but I just had to share it with you... (and I wonder if they'll come out with one for men with thin beards)

"The HairMax LaserComb delivers the energizing and nourishing effects of Laser PhotoTherapy to make hair look healthy and vibrant. Light is energy. Living cells thrive in light and your hair is no different. The end result is that the appearance of your hair will improve and you will feel good about your hair again. With two decades of clinical experience, the results seen with the laser used in the LaserComb are both encouraging and impressive. Direct experience shows that, unlike other treatments, men and women of all ages respond to the positive benefits of Laser PhotoTherapy. It is no surprise that satisfied users range in age from 18 to their late 80s."

Has anyone used the HairMax? What do you think, miracle or waste of money?

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July 13, 2009

Hot Deals: 50% Off Shaving Gear

Norelco.jpgDon't miss out on some of these super hot deals on shaving gear - up to 50% or more off select items at Amazon!

Philips Norelco 8160XLCC SpeedXL Jet Clean Men's Shaving Set - now only $94.85, regularly $207.99

"Norelco's New Speed-XL Jet Clean Shaving System combines a Cleaning and Charging System with the NEW Norelco Speed-XL Shaving Heads which have 3 rows of Blades and Slots and Holes, and covers 50% more shaving surface for a faster, smoother and closer shave! The Speed-XL Power System is Rechargeable Cord / Cordless. It can be used anywhere! This model has a 7 LED Display which displays battery level, battery low warning, cleaning indicator, shaving head replacement indicator. One hour full charge for up to 55 minutes of shave time -- over two weeks!"
Gillette Fusion Manual Replacement Cartridges (8 Cartridges) - now only $17.90, regularly $28.99
"Gillette Fusion features a breakthrough 5 blade Shaving Surface technology on the front of the shaving cartridge. The blades are spaced 30 percent closer together than MACH3 blades. This creates a Shaving Surface that distributes the shaving force across the blades for significantly less irritation and more comfort. Includes an enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip infused with Vitamin E, Aloe and natural oils fades from blue to white, signaling when optimal shave conditions have been reduced. The Precision Trimmer blade, a single blade built into the back of the cartridge, allows men to easily trim sideburns, shave under the nose and shape facial hair."
Philips Norelco BG2000 Bodygroom Replacement Trimmer/Shaver Foil, now only $12.94, regularly $24.00.

MANGROOMER Essential Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer, regularly $29.99, now only $14.99.

"MANGROOMER's cutting-edge blade design enables extremely close results without the potential of ingrown hairs. Can be used wet or dry and cleans easily by rinsing with water."

Royall Lyme Aftershave Lotion Cologne, 8 Ounces, regularly $55.00, now only $32.49.

"Introduced in 1957. Fragrance notes: lime oil, blended with rare oils from all over. Recommended use: casual."

Get an extra 30% off when you purchase two or more eligible BIC, HeadBlade, and Schick razors. Use the following promotional code when you check out: JULY9RAZ. Offer valid through July 31, 2009.

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June 22, 2009

Andis Easy Trim: Pocket Sized Trimming Tool

easytrim.jpgIf you're always on the go and need to the ability to trim some stray hairs from your moustache, beard, ears, or nose, the Andis Easy Trim just might be the tool for you.

The company's new battery powered personal trimmer is built to be very portable, so you can spot-check for errant hairs and trim them on the fly. There's no need to be embarrassed on a date, at a business meeting, or when meeting a potential client - a quick check in the mirror and a pass with the Easy Trim will keep those hairs in check.

Easy Trim is just 4.5" long, so it slips into a travel bag, pocket, or purse, and runs on a single AA battery. It has recessed stainless steel blades, comes with two interchangeable heads, and is covered by a five year warranty.

"Easy Trim™ is about the size of a lipstick. It has a protective cap that covers the blades and is a lot safer than carrying a pair scissors, even small ones, especially when traveling." - Fred Koeller, VP of Marketing at Andis
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March 18, 2009

VIOlight: UV Razor Sanitizer and Storage Case


The VIOlight Razor Sanitizer and Storage case is a new product from the makers of the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer, which uses a UV light to kill up to 99.9% of germs on your toothbrush (I bet you didn't know how dirty a toothbrush could be...)

The Razor Sanitizer fits both men's and women's razors, including Gillette and Schick, and works automatically as soon as you close the door. The case is also a handy travel container, keeping your razor safe and clean, not bouncing around in your Dopp kit.

According to VIOlight, exposed razors can be a magnet for germs in the bathroom, including E. coli and salmonella. Not something you want to have on an exposed blade that you scrape over your face, eh?

The Solution Ultraviolet light "kills fungi like yeasts and molds; disease-causing bacteria like strep, salmonella, and E. coli; and even some hearty viruses like influenza and hepatitis."

The UV light inside the VIOlight Razor case turns on when you close the door, has an auto-off function after 6 minutes, so your batteries aren't wasted, and the case has a removable drip tray for cleaning.

If you're a very clean kind of guy, not willing to chance infecting a cut on your face with your razor, check out the VIOlight Razor Sanitizer.

And if you want a chance to win some cool shaving stuff from West Coast Shaving, be sure to sign up for our mailing list. We'll be picking a winner on April 1, so don't be fooled, sign up today!

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March 11, 2009

ShavWet: Where Do You Shave?


I just got to try out a cool new product from ShavWet, the Fogless Portable Shower Shaving Mirror, and I was impressed. I don't normally shave in the shower, I wait until after I get out, but I thought I'd give it a whirl this time.

The mirror has easy to grip edges, plus a big handle, so you won't drop it. I liked the shape. It felt good in my hand. The size is perfect for traveling, and with the molded plastic frame, I don't think you'll break this one easily.

The ShavWet also comes with a long lanyard for hanging it up, plus a quick-release buckle. I thought the clarity of the mirror was excellent, and it did not fog up, as advertised. The fact that you can focus the mirror exactly where you want it is also a big plus over wall-mounted shaving mirrors.

The one thing that I might add to the design (if anyone's asking) is a light (an LED or something small). I found that in my shower, the light was really poor, so that I took twice as long to shave. That might not be a problem for most, but my house is old and the lighting is not so hot.

If you're looking for a great wet shaving mirror for everyday use, then I recommend the ShavWet. If you're looking for a shaving mirror that fits in your travel kit, then I again recommend the ShavWet. It comes in yellow, black, or blue, and includes a bottle of the ShavWet mirror conditioner and a sample of their 'Ultimate ShavWet Cream'.

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March 3, 2009

Review of Razor Mate Blade Conditioner

IMG_8565.JPGA while back we received for testing the Razor Mate, a device which restores your razor blades to new using magnets. Simply place your disposable razor/cartridge on top of the Razor Mate, and the blades are pulled back into correct shape by the strategically placed magnets within. Seems simple enough, and somewhat dubious. Could something as simple as magnets really make your razor last 20 times longer?

Short answer: I'm not sure.

My first razor definitely lasted twice as long as normal. Not a 4x improvement as the FAQ claims, but something I'd happily take given the exorbitant price of Fusion blades. Alas, the second razor didn't fare as well. Lasted about as long as it normally does.

I really wish I had access to one of those electron scanning microscopes that they used in this Fox News report to debunk a similar device which purported to extend the life of your blades. That way I'd know for sure. Here's what I should have done: alternate shaving between two blades. One always rests on the Razor Mate; the other doesn't. Keep all other variables (shaving cream, shaving oil) constant. Instead I reverted to my seven years old self and simply took the Razor Mate apart.

IMG_8566.JPGWhich wasn't easy.

The Razor Mate is made of two plastic sections which are glued together. I nearly took my finger off opening the back. Do not try this at home.

But there were the magnets. And to my surprise, they were on a diagonal. Bizarre! I took a little physics in high school but not enough to explain this. Maybe some master of the right-hand rule out on the Interwebs can explain to me how this might work. The razor lays horizontally in the divot on top. The magnet is rotated 45 degrees. If I only had a bag of iron filings...

So I did the next best thing - I compared the strength of the Razor Mate magnets to my son's alphabet magnets on our kitchen refrigerator. Conclusion: the magnet in the letter W is stronger than the magnet in the Razor Mate.

So what does this all mean? I wish I could say conclusively. If I had devised a better scientific test I might have been able to tell you something meaningful. Instead I'm left with inconclusive anecdotal evidence. I fear I have failed you, my dear reader.

The Razor Mate is $19.99 and comes with a "100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee". Write in and let us know your experience with this device.

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