October 6, 2008

Review of The Nick Stick From Pacific Shaving Company

Thumbnail image for NickStick_crop.jpgSon of a b-&@%!!!

Nothing like taking a slice out of your face at the worst possible time. Still reaching for toilet paper? Well now there's something better. It's the Nick Stick from Pacific Shaving Company. We got a couple of these little guys in at the end of the summer, and unfortunately we've had several opportunities to use them. (You know who I'm talking about, "shaving cream".)

Here are four reasons why you should have one:

  1. It works. Couple of nicks from a dull razor or cheap shaving cream? No problem. Roll the head of the Nick Stick over the cut and stop the bleeding. Does it hurt? Yeah, it kind of does. But you're man enough to handle it.
  2. It's cheap. The Nick Stick is only $5.95. That's a no-brainer when it comes to shoring up a bleeder.
  3. It's neat. I've got an alum block, and I use it every so often. But you've got to rinse it off and dry it somewhere. I've got better things to do. I'd rather screw the cap onto the Nick Stick and forget about it.
  4. It's tiny. Your travel bag needs one of these. The most frequent times for nicks are when you don't have homefield advantage. A hotel bathroom with poor lighting is ripe for disaster. Plus, you're usually in a hurry. The Nick Stick measures about 2 inches and has negligible weight. Don't leave home without one.

Chock full of alum, vitamin A, E, and aloe, Nick Stick from Pacific Shaving Company is the new way to nip a nick in the bud.

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August 27, 2008

Stop The Bleeding With The Nick Stick From Pacific Shaving Company

NickStick_crop.jpgOK, everyone gets the occasional nick while shaving. Some shaving creams are far better than others at preventing it, but once in a while you let your guard down, use a blade once too many times, and ouch! Dammit! Reach for the toilet paper. I've got one of those alum blocks for just this reason, but it really is just that - a hunk of rock.

Pacific Shaving Company is building a better mouse trap with their Nick Stick introduced earlier this year. Don't worry, the first ingredient is still alum. But it's also got Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Aloe, something only Moses could conjure from a stone.

We'll be getting a couple of these sticks in next week, so check back soon for our review.

The Nick Stick is only $5.95 from Pacific Shaving Company.

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August 14, 2008

Cash In On The Latest Promotion At Best4Men

best4men_02.jpgOur buds over at Best4Men have got a new promotion going on featuring some of our favorite brands. Here are the details, and I quote (because I'm lazy):

  1. Purchase $75 or more (applies to all products) and receive a FREE tube of Razor Rinse by Ritual ($17 value).
  2. Buy any two products by John Allan and receive a FREE 2 fl oz bottle of John Allan's BODYWASH.
  3. Buy two Hair Raiser Follicle Restorer treatments by Billy Jealousy and receive a third one for FREE ($75 value).

What's cool about this promotion is there's no promo code to remember, and the free items don't even need to be in your cart. What could be simpler? Can't remember if it's PROMO08 or PROMO_08? Guess what? It's neither!

We've recently gave some very positive reviews to Ritual and John Allan's shaving products, so here's a great way to check these lines out if you're looking to step up your shaving game.

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August 13, 2008

Shop OTCWholesale, If You Dare

Titanium_4_pack.jpgShavingStuff reader Joseph recently sent in mail about a site he occasionally uses for razor blades - OTCWholesale. If you're a Gillette user you can do better at Amazon or Razors Direct, but if you're a Schick man (or woman) OTCWholesale may save you a couple bucks. For example, an 8-pack of Schick Titanium razors at Amazon is $16.99, at Razors Direct is $16.99, and at OTCWholesale is $11.99.

Prices this low they can't be legal? Well, might not want to poke at that one too hard. Joseph says that while he's always gotten perfectly good quality razors from OTCWholesale, occasionally some of the UPCs indicate that the product was destined for another country. Maybe they accidentally fell off a truck somewhere. Who knows? Why do you care? How you doin'?

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August 12, 2008

Somebody Please Save the Goatee Saver

goateesaverfront.jpgLet's say you were one of those kids who couldn't color within the lines. And let's say you're all growns up and have decided that the goatee suits you. (It doesn't, by the way.) Have we got the perfect device for you! Vigilant ShavingStuff reader Daniil sent in a link to what might possibly be the best innovation in goatee technology since the goat. It's the Goatee Saver, and while it might not save your coolness, it'll definitely save your goatee.

goateesaverback.jpgHere's how it works. Adjust the Goatee Saver's width to your desired thickness. Chomp down on the adjustable orange strips to hold said saver in place. Then shave around the edges. Viola! A perfect goatee. (Oxymoron?)

OK, first of all, that's mouthpiece is going to smell after a couple days. Remember your retainer from junior high? Secondly, I don't want anyone coming in the room while I'm sucking this contraption. Hey, what's up cyborg mouth? Seriously, watch the video of this guy using this thing on their homepage.

So, if you have a goatee and suck at shaving, the Goatee Saver is $19.99 and available exclusively at GoateeSaver.com.

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July 28, 2008

Quick Review of Ritual Redux

boxset_200_ritual.jpgA couple weeks ago we got a shipment of reformulated products from Ritual. You'll recall the odorologists and scentists felt they could do better, so they went back to mix themselves a new drink. After finishing up our tour with Peter Thomas Roth, we kicked back and cracked open a tall one.

Razor Rinse
This is Ritual's answer to bacteria growing on your razor. Douse the blade in Razor Rinse and you kill germs before they set up camp on your freshing shaven face. Sniffing the previous version of Razor Rinse was not a good idea. There's a lot of alcohol in there, and unless you want to burn your sinuses out, best to let it work on germs. The new version of Razor Rinse doesn't pack as pungent a punch, yet still delivers the good. That said, I still wouldn't recommend inhaling this stuff.
Improvement: B+

Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash
Love the all-in-one shampoos and washes. Lather, rinse, replete. Trifecta of old, a little lemony. Trifecta of new, a little lemony. Didn't need that much improvement, and I'm not sure it got much.
Improvement: B+

The Whip Shave Cream
Shaving cream. You know what it does. You know how well it works. And if you've forgotten, go read our review again. This product and the after shave were the two that I had originally felt were most in need of aroma therapy, and I'm happy to report that Ritual has sent these two to the finest shrinks in town. The new Whip is like buttah. Whipped buttah. Still lemony, but enjoyably so. Like when life hands you lemonade, and you make yourself comfortable and enjoy the lemonade, and think about all the lemons you didn't have to make into lemonade.
Improvement: A-

The Balm Post Shave Gel
Hold onto your hats kids cause there's a new kid in town, and he's going deep. If there's one product in this Ritual Redux that has hit a home run, no, a grand slam, it's The Balm. Using the Balm II, son of Balm, is like spreading clean on your face. You know when you're walking down the street and some woman passes you who smells so fresh and clean you want to turn and follow her? That's what I'm talking about. Kudos to the folks at Ritual for The Balm! I fully expect people to be following me now.
Improvement: A+

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July 22, 2008

Review of Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing Multi Tasking After Shave Balm

ptraftershave.jpegYesterday we shaved with Peter Thomas Roth 21st Century Shave Cream. Today we're finishing up with Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing Multi Tasking After Shave Balm. Multi tasking? Why yes. This after shave is also good in the evenings, as a moisturizer after you've washed your face.

Skin-soothing after shave balm, formulated for normal to dry skin types. Helps discourage micro-inflammation as it delivers continuous hydration. Calming complex with allantoin and pro vitamin B5 helps prevent blotchiness and counteracts the discomfort associated with shaving and exposure to the elements. Refreshes and protects the skin, keeping it comfortable moisturized all day.

I liked Peter Thomas Roth's after shave quite a bit. Again, the scent is not the strong point here, but the after shave was mostly odorless. I enjoyed using it both in the morning and the evening, regardless of whether I shaved. Never needed to supplement with anything heavier, yet my skin never felt too oily after using it. I'd recommend this after shave to anyone.

Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing Multi Tasking After Shave Balm is $24 for a 3.4 oz tube.

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May 20, 2008

Review of The Balm Post-Shave Gel from Ritual

balm_250.jpgYour face needs a little healing help after you've taken The Whip to it. Good thing Ritual has you covered with The Balm post-shave gel.

Stand by the ritual. The Balm has fresh cooling Aloe and Lidocaine to extinguish your face after a shave. The Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel will continue to work throughout the day (or night) to soothe your skin and prevent irritation from shaving. It's the perfect ending to your Triple S.

(For those of you who missed a day in class, "Triple S" is shave, shower, and sh!t. Not necessarily in that order.)

The Balm works well as a post-shave gel. It's a great way to finish your shave and leave your skin rejuvinated and re-moisturized. Of all the Ritual products, though, this one was my least favorite. The scent was again a little too lemony and medicinal. And for me, there's an ingredient that I'm allergic to. Makes my lips and mouth go a little numb for about 20 minutes.

It's unlikely you will be allergic to it too. Several other shaving products have given me this type of reaction (Pacific Shaving Oil was one) and I've given them to friends and they've had no problem. I know, I'm delicate. One pea under my mattress and I'm a bruised mess. Guess I won't be the star of the ShavingStuff action-hero movie.

The Balm post shave gel from Ritual is $19 for a 4 oz tube. If you're interested in The Whip shaving cream, get the Balm to finish your shave off right.

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April 29, 2008

This Just In - More Products from John Allan's

Believe it or not Father's Day is only about 6 weeks away, and John Allan's is not wasting any time. They've sent over five grooming products they think would make a great gift for dad:

About a year ago we had a chance to review a couple John Allan's products and we found them to be "top shelf". (Is it weird to be quoting myself?) If these new products are anything like the previous ones, we'll be singing their praises in no time. Check back soon for our review, plus other Fathers' Day gift ideas. Six weeks may seem like an eternity, but it'll pass before you know it.

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April 23, 2008

Review of Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub

sharpsDailyPrep.gifAh exfoliation. A time to EX-tract the FOLIA-ge from the naTION (that is your face). I'm reaching here. Bear with me.

If you're into exfoliation, and really, who isn't, you should check out Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub. I think this was my favorite product from Sharps. Why? Probably the foaming. But the scrub wasn't too far behind.

Get it all with this oil-free wash and scrub combo. Dissolve dirt. Unplug pores. Brighten dull skin. Spherical marble powder grains deliver results without irritating even the most sensitive skin. A 7-day outlook for clear skin.

I will vouch for the spherical marble powder grains. This was one of the most gentle yet effective exfoliants I've tried. Not too gritty, not too fine. Lathered up to a nice foam as well, and washed off easily. What more could you ask for?

Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub is $20 for a 4.25 ounce tube.

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