May 3, 2006

Reader Review of King of Shaves' Micro Magnetically Enhanced Shaving Gel

magnagel_mme.jpgBack in December we posted about King of Shaves' Micro Magnetically Enhanced Shaving Gel. Recently ShavingStuff reader Jeff tried a little science experiment and wrote in with this review:

I bought some of this stuff recently, and I gotta tell you, I was really surprised to learn that the stuff truly does appear magnetic. I squirted some on the head of my Norelco electric shaver (the one with the gel packs) and then turned it on. No joke, this stuff started to ooze in the direction of the blades rotation! It truly did! Just to make sure this wasn't normal and perhaps I've never noticed before, I washed it off and repeated the same process with some kinda face goop my girlfriend uses. It isn't meant for shavning or anything, but it's about the same consistency. Well, with that stuff on the shaving heads, turning on the blades didn't do a thing. They just spun and spun under the goop. It didn't budge. I rinsed it off, added some of this stuff again, fired it back up, and sure enough, it started moving around the rings. The spinning metal really did draw the gel closer. It was crazy; crazy-awesome! =)

King of Shaves' MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel is $6.74 at 6.74? Crazy exchange rate!

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April 19, 2006

Baxter in the House!

You mean Meredith Baxter-Birney - the mom from Family Ties? Nope try again. How about Baxter - the crazy black comedy film from 1989? Nope, but that was a good guess. It's Baxter of California, silly! And they're already in the house. Didn't just post about them on Monday? Damn they're fast.

Yep - the good folks over at Baxter sent over a tube of their Super Close Shave Formula for us to check out, along with a bunch of travel-size free samples. We'll be putting their cream to the test over the next couple weeks, but if you want some free samples of your own, click on over to their free sample page. OK, it's not entirely free. You do have to pay $4.95 for shipping. But if you calculate in inflation and the fact that you're going to live to 100 years old, that's like 3 cents in future dollars.

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April 10, 2006

Introducing Cosmedicine from Sephora

Cosmedicine is a new line of skincare products based on a joint effort between Klinger Advanced Aesthetics, Sephora, and John's Hopkins Medicine. No, it's not shaving cream or aftershave, but it does represent an evolution in the development of skincare products, one that I think we'll see more of in the near future. The Cosmedicine line consists of moisturizers, toners, and various other creams, each tested with scientific rigor to prove their beneficial aspects.

Rather than relying exclusively on the traditional beauty measuring tool—the mirror—Klinger sought results based on scientific fact. Johns Hopkins Medicine, a world leader in healthcare, education, and research, consulted on the design and data analysis of clinical studies of this product.

I liken this to the approach that Billy Jealousy has taken by adding tiny silicon beads to their shaving cream, or King of Shaves with their micro-magnetically enhanced particles filled with vitamins. It's one thing to mix a bunch of ingredients and hope for a better shave; it's another to scientifically attack the problem and make use of the latest bio-technology.

The Cosmedicine collaboration was recently reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, however this link is only accessible if you are a paying subscriber. The line of Cosmedicines is available exclusively at Sephora and ranges from $35 to $85. If you're buying other products from Sephora before April 28th, 2006, include coupon code "TRUEBEAUTY" and get a free sample of Cosmedicine™'s Skin Fortifying Serum with your order. If you're interested in reading more, click on over to Sephora and check out the sections under "Learn More About This Brand".

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March 30, 2006

The Man and His Products

manHair.jpgHere's a challenge - find the website for a line of personal products called "The Man". Go on, head over to Google and try. I'll wait...

Give up? I did too. The website is I had seen these at a local store and figured I'd do a little research. A frustrating hour later I concluded that while the product name is great for the retail shelf, it doesn't translate to the web.

But enough of that. Problem solved. Let's take a closer look at these guys. The Man has got you covered in the areas of face, body, and hair, with products that include shampoo, scrubs, lotions, and of course, shaving cream. Dr. Seuss may tall you that big "A" is for Aunt Annies Alligator, but in The Man's world, "A" is for after shave lotion ($20), and "I" is for impressively smooth shaving cream ($20).

According to The Man:

these are not beauty products. These are high-performance, demanding products for a man’s face, body and hair. Purest ingredients, nothing complicated, just great stuff designed to make you feel and look your best.

"M" is for Man. Check him out... if you're Man enough.

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March 15, 2006

Proraso Now Available at Target

proraso.jpgShavingStuff reader Mark wrote in yesterday with a light scolding. How could I mention Target's Caldo Razor and not the fact that they're now selling Proraso shaving product? "This is HUGE news with the Old School Shaving crowd." Looks like the roll-out of Proraso products at Target is scheduled for the week of March 8th - 15th.

For those who don't know, Proraso is an Italian brand of shaving products designed for use with brushes and straight razors, although many of their products can be used with modern safety razors as well. Their shaving creams and soaps feature ingredients such as eucalyptus and wheatgerm, although they also have the straight up "shave cream" without the fancy ingredients too. Prices are in the totally reasonable range of $10 to $20.

It appears that Target hasn't added these products to their website yet, although most are available at Amazon if you want to buy online. If you want to go brick and mortar, here's Mark's advice:

Proraso appeared in my local Target this morning. They had not only the shaving cream, but also shaving soap, pre/post cream, aftershave, and a decent-looking boar brush as well. It was located in a new "spa" section, adjacent to the women's cosmetics, and not in the men's shaving isle.

Look for the distinctive old-world Italian red and green packaging. Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to get past the first page of Proraso's website, I'd be eternally grateful.

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March 13, 2006

Win a $75 Gift Certificate at

TG-Logo-BrownSilver.gifJust got word of a quick survey running over at where you could win a $75 gift certificate to their site. Seem they're looking to learn more about how often you shave, where you buy your products, who taught you to shave - standard marketing questions. It's quick and painless.

What is I'm glad you asked.

Created distinctly for men, the True Gentlemen shaving products are prepared with the purest ingredients and botanical extracts available. The fine blend of True Gentlemen shaving products combined with traditional shaving methods assure a comfortable shave while drastically minimizing common shaving problems.

The luxurious collection of shaving products is designed specially to bring out the "true gentleman" in today's modern mad. Paired with proven benefits of aromatherapy the True Gentlemen shaving products bring to every gentleman the True Ultimate Shaving Experience.

Browse their site and check out their full range of premium high-end shaving products. Pre-shave oils, shave creams, after-shaves - all available in unscented or infused with lavender oil. Bushes, stands, and razor handles which fit Mach3 blades. Even gift sets. They've got you covered. Prices range from $20 for some of the oils to $125 for gift sets, but oh... the luxury.

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March 8, 2006

BodyTools, and a History Lesson

You wouldn't attempt to fix your sink without the right plumber's tools, so don't even think about caring for your face without body tools. That's BodyTools, with a capital B and T. Think of it as Home Depot for skincare.

BodyTools offers an array of skincare products, from "Basix" - like body washes and scrubs, to hair - shampoos and conditioners, to, you guessed it, Face Savers - shaving creams and after-shaves.

Here are some things which caught my eye - their shaving cream has tons of natural ingredients - Lanolin and Apricot Kernel Oil for a smooth shave, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera for moisture, and Anti-Oxidants for healing. And their After Shave Repair & Protect is SPF 15. Remember boys - too much sun can be a bad thing. Why don't you go inside once in a while and use your computer.

If that's not enough, there's a great write-up on how to shave in their Fall 2004 (or 2005?) issue of The Body Mechanic. Here's my favorite factoid from the opening paragraph:

A man can expect to spend almost 3500 hours in his lifetime removing over 28 feet of beard.

28 feet? Damn. Can you imagine some caveman dragging that size beard around? Thank god someone invented Gillette. Actually, if you read the history of shaving you'll learn that there's evidence of cavemen using pieces of flint in 30,000 BC to shave their beards. Flint. Again, thank god for Gillette.

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March 6, 2006

Review of Origins' "Blade Runner" Shaving Cream

When I first learned there was a shaving cream called Blade Runner, my inner sci-fi geek was overcome with joy. Finally, my odd demographic had gained enough cred to warrant a shaving/movie cross-promotion. Alas, Harrison Ford meets Gillette will have to wait. Instead we simply have Blade Runner Shaving Cream from Origins, filled with herbal extracts and exotic oils to free your face of unwanted hair. After several weeks' use and between 10 and 15 shaves, I'm ready to pronounce it... pretty good.

The most outstanding characteristic of this shaving cream is its smell. Somewhere between lemon and 1800s medicinal balm. If a covered wagon came through your town selling something called Dr. Sorenson's Stunningly Smooth Shaving Salve, you'd expect it to smell something like this. Now don't get me wrong, Blade Runner is not a placebo scam. It's just that the smell is something you really want to make sure you like. Aside from the hint of citrus, Blade Runner is scented with Coriander, Australian Eucalyptus, and French Peppermint. Breathe deeply and feel your congestion clear. I'd recommend stopping by your local mall's Origins store and asking for a whiff.

The feel and experience of applying Blade Runner is great. You scoop this light and fluffy cream out of a tub, smooth it into your face, and feel a slight tingle as it softens up your skin. Some other shaving creams I've used recently have been too soapy. Blade Runner is like cake-frosting - light, creamy goodness. And it doesn't completely obscure your facial hair so you can see where you need to shave.

The Shave
The shave is... well... average. A little above average maybe, but not anything to write home about. Honestly I'm a fan of a more oily shaving cream. Even though Blade Runner has both Kukui Nut Oil and Soybean Oil in it, I kept wishing it were just a little more slick and lubricating, so the razor would glide a little more easily over my face.

Wrap Up
So Blade Runner wasn't ideal for me, but Origins is a respectable brand and produces some great products. If you're a fan of their other products you might want to check this out. Blade Runner is available on the Origin's website in a 5 oz. tube for $14.00, and also in their omnipresent retail stores. Blade Runner used to be available in a 16.9 oz tub (which is what I used), however it appears they might be phasing that packaging out. If you can find it in the tub it will be significantly discounted. I saw references to sale prices as low as $22.50 (down from $47.25), however they were all sold out. Look for the tub.

Other Opinions
Finally, I found this great review of Blade Runner on Epinions from a woman's perspective, written by gatorgirlie. Definitely worth a read if you're on the fence, or thinking about using it anywhere else than on your face.

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February 21, 2006

L'Oreal for Men

L'Oreal has a new line of products geared specifically for men. What caught my eye was their Comfort Max after shave balm which also acts as an SPF 15 sunblock. Now I know you don't want to admit it, but you really should be putting some SPF on your face. Every day! Women's products have had it in there for years, and women generally look pretty darn good. It's about time we men saw some solar protection in our aftershave. After all, we don't want to end up with dry and wrinkled skin any more than the ladies.

And while you're chewing on that you may want to check out L'Oreal's men's website for some other health, beauty, and shaving tips. There's a short quiz on skin type which diagnoses problems and recommends products. There are also three video tips from Queer Eye's own Kyan Douglas on you and your moisturizer. Helpful Tip - the button to turn off the music is in the lower right corner. Always tough to look at websites with sound at work.

L'Oreal's Comfort Max After Shave is available at most major drug stores and supermarkets, or online. Amazon's current price is $7.99 for a 3.3 oz bottle.

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February 2, 2006

groominghealth.gifJust got word of a new website which sells shaving products - For those of you in the US these products may seem a little unfamiliar - specialized in more of the high-end European brands, (but they'll ship to the US.) Tons of shaving creams from Geo F. Trumper (which you may remember from a recent New York Times article), toners and moisturizers from Bullie, straight-razors from Dovo, and brushes from Kent. And, according to our contact there,

to my knowledge we sell the cheapest cut throat razors and Merkur double edge safety razors in Europe

"Cut throat", for all of you state-side, is British for "straight". also has a great FAQ with specific sections on shaving, skin care, and more. Here's my favorite entry under the "Why We Shave" section:

Psychological studies have found 'women find male faces most attractive when they are masculine-looking but not ultra-masculine.' Women want dominant males, but ones friendly enough to care for offspring, they tend to see these traits in clean-shaven faces.

Isn't that what we all strive to be? Dominant yet friendly? Click on over to and learn the perfect balance of masculinity.

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