January 24, 2006

Numb Your Face with The Common Man by Philosophy

Here's one for the sensitive man, and by that I don't mean emotional. I mean raw, gritty, bristly skin which abhors a shave. Say hello to the common man by philosophy. Corey A. Mathers, a fellow blogger, sums up the common man's secret sauce thusly:

What sets The Common Man apart is the addition of a mild anaesthetic to the mix; it numbs your face! The effect lasts long enough to emerge from the shower and apply lotion. No burning, no redness. It is simply outstanding stuff.

Read all of Corey's post on his blog thedeadhand.com.

And here's another distinguishing tidbit about the common man - philosophy recommends you do the upshave.

...shave in the shower if you have a mirror. apply a thin, see-through layer to a warm, wet face. shave down first. re-apply another see-through layer. shave upwards. follow with hope in a jar.

Now as we all know shaving against the grain is a big no-no. And, as we all know, shaving against the grain gives you an even closer shave. Is this the first shaving cream designed for the unthinkable? the common man is $12 for 3.3 oz. Try it if you dare.

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January 12, 2006

The King Has Entered the Building

kosfa_info.jpgBig thanks goes out to the good folks over at King of Shaves who just sent over some new products to review. Starting with a clean face we have the XCD Primer Pre Shave Face Wash. Next we'll slick up with Formula Alpha Shaving Oil Supercooled Menthol (pictured) for a smooth shave. Finally we'll top it off with XCD Defender Facial Moisturiser. Sounds like a good regimen to me. As an added bonus the King sent over a tube of their Jellyfish Firm Hold Styling Gel. Thanks your highness! ShavingStuff is getting the royal treatment. We'll be trying these products out over the next month and have a review up soon.

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January 7, 2006

Review of KENMEN products, part 2

I've been struggling a bit on how to write the second part of the review of KENMEN products. If you remember from our first review, we were very happy with the products they sent over. These next four, however, didn't live up to the first. It's always tough to write negatively about a product when a manufacturer has sent over a free sample, but no one ever said writing a shaving blog was going to be easy.

So let's talk about these products. Actually, let's first talk about the product names. You'll notice that the three tubes look quite similar, and each has a somewhat mystifying name. Even though the website calls the shaving cream "Baby Face Healing Shaving Cream", the tube says "Baby Face Cure-Gel Rasage". The website may say "Battlescars - Healing Body & Face Cream", but the tube says "Battle Scars Cure Detoxifiante". At 6:00 in the morning I had a tough time remembering which was for shaving and which was for after. A little bit of French might have helped, but I took Spanish in high school. Que lastima.

Next, let's talk about the actual containers. Each is a 6 oz. tube which unscrews and allows you to squeeze out the contents. There's a little plastic insert in the hole where the contents comes out which essentially makes the hole smaller. My guess is that there's one standard opening for the tube, and then this insert is added if you want a smaller flow of cream or gel to come out with each squeeze. The thing is, if you squeeze too hard, the plastic insert comes out, and you've got quite a mess on your hands. Not a huge deal if you're using the exfoliant in the shower, but a bit of a pain when you're cleaning up shaving cream from the sink. Squeeze these tubes gently, and mind the insert.

h20showergel.jpgSpeaking of exfoliant, H2O-Synergie Shower Gel & Scrub ($28) was probably my favorite of the three. A nice, gentle exfoliant for use on the face and the body. Smells a lot like ginger ale. I'm not kidding. But not in a bad way. And you can use it in place of soap.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review of KENMEN products, part 2"

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December 20, 2005

Single Serve Shaving Cream Pods

babson.gifReaders of our sister site Single Serve Coffee know all about coffee pods - those magical little pouches which hold exactly enough coffee beans for the perfect cup o' joe. Could that idea translate into shaving? A bunch of crazy Babson students think so.

Pods for shaving cream dispense exact amount of shave cream in pre-packaged capsules for one time use. Easily stored in slim travel case for the well-groomed, upwardly-mobile urban male. Babson students designed the new product for a|MEN|ity, maker of premium line of shaving and men’s grooming products.

We at ShavingStuff applaud the pioneering entrepreneurship Babson and a|MEN|ity are taking in creating a new shaving market segment. Kudos and good luck. No word yet on whether these pods will ever see the light of day, but we'll have news and reviews (and a new category) if they do.

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December 19, 2005

King of Shaves' Micro Magnetically Enhanced Shaving Gel

magnagel_mme.jpgI love technology. People, we are living in great times. Remember Billy Jealousy's silicon beads? Well say hello to the King of Shaves' MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel, winner of FHM's 2005 "Best Shave" and runner-up in the "Best Grooming Innovation" awards. What makes MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel so special? Science.

MagnaGel MME (Micro Magnetically Enhanced) shaving gel sets the new standard for shaving software. Micro-magnetically enhanced particles 'stick' to the blade throughout the shave, delivering an unsurpassed level of lubrication and protection [...] our DDS [Dual Delivery System] is now incorporated at a micro-pore level as well as in the capsules! Vitamin E and grapeseed oil are contained in tiny capsules which break when massaged on the skin, delivering a skin-perfecting burst of ingredients to heal and lubricate more quickly and effectively than ever before. helping to give excellent razor glide.

Magnetic particles?!? Vitamin-filled capsules?!? Yes! Yes! Yes! Look, there's a time and place for all that natural stuff. And then there's a time for man-made genius. I don't see a team of flowers and vines working to make your shave better. Plus, if you use this stuff long enough you'll probably get superpowers.

King of Shaves' MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel is $6.74 at shave.com for 175ml. I think that's like 3 gallons or something.

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December 15, 2005

25% Off All Men-U Products

They billed it as private, but I think it's OK to open it up to all ShavingStuff readers. men-u is having their first ever private sale on all their men's shaving and skincare products. We first came across men-u back in October when we were looking into shaving brushes, but they've got a whole line of products for all your skincare needs - shaving cream, aftershave moisturizer, even travel kits.

So here's the skinny:

  • 25% off all products.

  • Free Shipping to your address or gift recipient's address (For orders over $39.99)

  • Free Premium Gift Box automatically sent with the purchase of Shaving & Travel Kits, or 4 or more products

Just enter the promotion code "holiday" when you check out. Sales ends Tuesday December 27th, so you've got a little bit of time.

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December 13, 2005

Zia in the Hizzouse!

A couple weeks ago we wrote about Zia's new men's shaving sets - the Skin Hydrating Gift Set and the Skin Clearing Gift Set (both $19.95). Well, the good folks at Zia sent over one of each for review and they arrived last night. Thanks Zia! We'll be putting them through our normal ShavingStuff test-drive over the next couple weeks and will have a review just as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, consider these gift sets at the holidays approach, especially if you've got a man who insisted on all natural ingredients.

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December 12, 2005

Two Gift Sets from Billy Jealousy

sml_bestbets.jpgIn our Holiday Gift Guide we recommended Billy Jealousy's Shave System gift set for $60. Looks like Billy's put together another gift set just in time for the holidays - Billy's Best Bets:

includes full-size units of each: Hydroplane Shave Cream, Combat Lines Face Moisturizer SPF 30 and Bar None Face Wash along with a Free Custom-Made Billy Jealousy Travel Bag

If you don't know about Billy Jealousy products please see our review from last month. These are great products which were highly recommended.

Billy's Best Bets is available at billyjealousy.com for $70.

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December 8, 2005

Free TurboScrub at Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty is gearing up for the shopping season with this special offer - buy $30 worth of products and you'll get a free travel size TurboScrub (aka exfoliant). Here's their description:

HEAVY DUTY TurboScrub is the ideal way to get your skin in mint condition. Large granules of pumice, apricot, and walnut shells remove surface skin cells and soften and polish the skin. Perfect on feet, back of the arms, and any other dry areas on the body.

You may remember our introduction to Heavy Duty over the summer when we came across them in a rather prestigious auto show. Love their packaging. Definitely check out AutoStrip ($16) if you're looking for a new shaving cream, and the JumpStart Kit ($25) makes a great gift.

The free TurboScrub offer ends December 20th so start those engines.

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December 6, 2005

Old-School Shaving Supplies from Clubman Online

ShavingStuff reader Chuck just wrote in about a site he recommends - Clubman Online. Clubman specializes in old-school shaving products like 100% badger brushes, shave soap cakes, and 1960's-style twin blades. They've got a fine selection of handmade products, including combs perfected by nine generations of Swiss craftsmen, and brushes made on the Isle of Man.

Old Original Shaving Brushes are made for us on the Isle of Man (located in the Irish Sea) by Progress-Vulfix. Made from the finest pure badger hair, our brushes will give years of excellent, luxurious service. Progress Vulfix has been producing shaving brushes for over half a century and is the premier manufacturer of badger brushes in the United Kingdom.... All the brushes are handmade and come in three quality grades - Pure Badger (good), Super Badger (better), and Silver Tip Badger (very best)...

These brushes range from $19.95 to $110.00, so if you can't decide which of the three badgers is for you, I suggest chilling out at www.badgerbadgerbadger.com and letting your brain unwind.

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