December 1, 2005

Learn the Proper Way To Shave From Anthony

We mentioned Anthony - Logistics for Men back in July when we wrote about their shaving kit (which is now $50, reduced from $78). If you didn't check out their site then, please do so now. Anthony's instructions on shaving are perhaps the best we've seen on any website. Take every point here to heart - from shaving on a clean face, using cool water in your final rinse, and patting your face with a towel (not rubbing) when you're done. The detail he provides is right on. The problem solvers page is similarly great, with product recommendations to treat specific ailments.

Aside from shaving and other men's products, Anthony's also has a shampoo and body wash for "Little Men".

A gentle self-foaming cleanser that softens and conditions. Leaves baby smelling fresh and clean. Will not overly dry hair or skin.

Now baby can use the same products as daddy. Cute!

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November 25, 2005

New Men's Shaving Products From Zia

What's new From Zia Natural Skincare? Two new men's shaving sets, just in time for the holiday season. Set number one is the Skin Hydrating Gift Set, "designed specifically for men with sensitive or dry skin that is prone to razor burn." Set number two is the Skin Clearing Gift Set, "created for men who are prone to breakouts or razor bumps." Both are only $19.95, marked down from $42.85, and both come with a little travel bag.

I first saw Zia products at our local Whole Foods. I guess that makes sense given their product philosophy:

Our formulas feature whole foods products, therapeutic-grade essential oils & herbal extracts. Zia Natural Skincare formulations only utilize ingredients that provide a benefit to the skin, and that are not harmful. You will never find harsh chemicals, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances in our products.

So why should you care about Zia products? Ever heard of Ashley Judd, Virginia Madsen, Alicia Silverstone or Ben Stiller? I thought so. They all have one thing in common. Great skin. And that's no coincidence. I wonder which shaving gift set Ben Stiller's getting for Hannukah?

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November 20, 2005

Review of KENMEN Products, part 1

The good folks over at KENMEN sent us a bunch of their products recently and as you're about to read, my wife, herein refered to as "ShavingStuff wife," had about as much fun as I did trying them out. KENMEN has a wide range of men's products which cover the ordinary, like shaving creams and after-shaves, to the non-traditional, like eye gel and skin tints. See our earlier quick introduction for a few more details.

Now let's get one thing straight - these are advanced products. Basically you need to know what you're doing or be comfortable enough to ask. Me, I had to ask. ShavingStuff wife was very helpful, as was the KENMEN site. The KENMEN products all have clever names, like Battlescars, and Ener-C, however the bottles and tubes themselves don't always give the clearest indication of how they are supposed to be used.

flake-off.jpgTake Flake-Off Facial Exfoliating mask ($33), for example. ShavingStuff wife insisted that "flake-off mask" means you apply it to your face, let it dry like a mask, and then let it flake off. I, on the other hand, thought it was more like a regular exfoliant where you just rub it across your skin in the shower and then wash it off. Somewhat unclear, and since there really isn't enough product in the tub for a full facial mask, we eventually settled on regular exfoliant usage. One thing we could agree on - the stuff smells great - like you're covering your face in oatmeal cookie batter. Yum!

ArrowContinue reading: "Review of KENMEN Products, part 1"

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November 16, 2005

20% Off at Sephora - No Minimum

Great deal going on until Monday November 21st. Sephora is offering 20% off with no purchase minimum. Hard to beat that. Now I know you're used to thinking of Sephora as that women's beauty care store in the mall, but men take note - they actually carry a great line of men's products too, including high-quality shaving supplies from Anthony's Logistics, Jack Black, Zirh, and Sharps. So here's the plan - get a couple creams and aftershaves for you, and then surprise the misses with a honey-scented foaming clenser or a lavendar bath soap. Just remember to use coupon code "FF2005" when you're checking out for that 20% savings.

Via dealnews.

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November 13, 2005

Get to Know Your T-Zone

t-zone.jpgYou have a T-Zone. Learn to love it.

Many of the male-grooming sites that I read often mention the T-Zone, which, if you're like me, sounds like short-hand for that old Rod Serling show. Turns out it's the portion of your face covering your forehead, nose, and chin. Kind of makes a T. See the picture on the right.

Your T-Zone is often the most oily part of your face, and many manufacturers of facial products will recommend different formulations based on how oily or dry the skin in your T-Zone is. Here's a FAQ from Metro whose first question and answer addresses this (and suggests Metro’s Daily Essential Cleanser as your solution).

There's also a British company called T-Zone which offers a fine line of skin care products. If you're wondering what type of skin you have, try their "how would you describe your skin" page and see which category you fall into.

T-Zones. Good conversation starter at your next cocktail party.

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November 9, 2005

Get Your Groom On with BuzzSkin

Got an email about the launch of BuzzSkin, a new site featuring men's grooming products with an extensive array of shaving items.

We have a lot of solid shaving brands, and have a hip, new look. We're all about promoting shaving and men's grooming in general, and hope you can help spread the word. Take a look at our site, and let us know what you think! With brands like Anthony Logistics, Jack Black, Billy Jealousy and more - we have the hottest products available.

Regular readers of ShavingStuff will know that these are high-quality well-respected brands in the shaving world. No generic soapy harshness here.

There's also the buzzskin blog for daily updates and musings on shaving. Another shaving blog? Love it. Make sure you read far enough down to see the 15% off coupon code. Cha-ching! I think I just saved some money.

Great selection of the good stuff, and they show you the top five selling items in case you need a suggestion. Why don't more sites do this? Check them out -

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November 7, 2005

Review of Billy Jealousy

hm_btn_logo.jpgI had an amazing shave this morning. In fact, I've had many amazing shaves over the last couple weeks. Jealous? Well, you don't have to be. There's enough Billy Jealousy to go around.

Billy Jealousy is a small company in Dallas with a line of "cosmeceuticals" for shave, face, body and hair. Naturally we focused on shaving, and in summation, we give them two thumbs up. We reviewed their Hot Towel Pre Shave Treatment, Hydroplane Shave Cream, and Shaved Ice - After-Shave Balm. Billy Jealousy also has Lightening Bolt Pre-Electric Shave if you're into that kind of thing.

sml_shv_shvdice.jpgOn the outset this is a pretty typical shave setup. Take a shower. Splash some warm water on your face. Add some shaving cream. Go to town. But as we've mentioned before, there's science in Hydroplane. Millions of tiny round silicone sciences, to be exact.

Historically, the best way to achieve a close shave was to create a thick foam so your blade would ride a cushion of bubbles. Today with the creation of water-soluble micro silicone beads, thick foam has become obsolete. Water-soluble means that water doesn't permeate the silicone. As a result, Hydroplane becomes slicker and slicker when you add more water as you shave. The upshot? Your razor now floats over your face without any razor drag or irritation.

Silicone. It's magic. I hear it's also used in computers.

sml_shv_httowel.jpgLook, this stuff works. There's very little drag even with a razor which is well past its prime. The shave is as close as any shaving cream I've used. And the stuff smells good. Not overly frangranced, just a slight essence of honey. "Ooo! I could get close to that," my wife said as she smelled my freshly shaven face. And she did.

Pat from Billy Jealousy suggested I try two approaches - first shave a couple times with just Hydroplane, then try a combination of Hydroplane and Hot Towel. I really liked the combination better. I put a dollop of both in my hands, mixed them up to form a white goopy mess, and then lathered up my face. The creams are somewhere in the middle of white and clear, so you mostly see your skin although the occasional spot becomes slightly obscured. This is normal for most shaving creams - just pointing out that it's not completely clear like some of the shaving oils we've reviewed before. Personal preference. Didn't bother me. Won't bother you.

Here are the two main points which stood out for me. One: I didn't get any cuts or nicks in five shaves with Billy Jealousy products. None. That's a ShavingStuff first. That's probably a personal first. I can't remember a time in my life where I've gone five shaves in a row without a single nick. And I used the same razor the entire time, so by the end that blade was looking mighty scary. If you're plagued with cuts, nicks, or razor burn, I highly recommend you try this stuff. Get both the Hydroplane and the Hot Towel. Killer combo.

sml_shv_hydro.jpgThe second main point which stood out for me was the shave around the Adam's Apple. I've developed several techniques for contorting my skin so this massive paddle of a Mach3 can cut the errant hair down there. These techniques aren't pretty, and they aren't foolproof. I was amazed that I didn't need to do anything to get a clean shave around my neck. No pulling of the skin. No craning my neck. Smooth shave around the Adam's Apple every time. Nice work Billy Jealousy!

The finishing touch is Shaved Ice - After-Shave Balm, possibly the most appropriately named after-shave on the market. I'm getting shivers just thinking about it. This stuff makes your face feel cold. Perhaps not the best feeling as we're heading into winter, but I can't wait to finish a shave in August. Shaved Ice is not alcohol based, so I don't know what makes it feel so cold against your face, but there's lots of natural goodness in there, from aloe and oat extract to several of your favorite citrus oils.

OK, so you like the car. Worried about the awkward negotiation? Relax. You're at a Saturn dealership.

Hot Towel Pre Shave Treatment - $22 for 6oz.
Hydroplane Shave Cream - $20 for 8oz.
Shaved Ice - After-Shave Balm - $25 for 3.5oz.

And remember, a portion of the price goes to supporting the arts and the environment. So treat yourself to something new. Or put together a shaving gift basket for a loved on this holiday season. Billy Jealousy is sure to please.

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November 2, 2005

Tom's Of Maine's Honeysuckle Shaving Cream Goes the Way of the Dodo

You probably know Tom's of Maine as the company which makes all-natural products like toothpaste and deodorant, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they make shaving cream. If you don't know about Tom's of Maine, click on over to their "about" page and read up on their mission, beliefs, and history.

Until recently Tom's of Maine produced two types of shaving cream - mint and honeysuckle. Looks like honeysuckle wasn't as popular:

We're sorry to announce that we are no longer producing the gentle honeysuckle scent for our Natural Conditioning Shave Cream. As a small company, we need to limit our product offerings to those items that have the most widespread consumer appeal. We do know how attached people become to our products and flavors, and believe us, it isn't an easy decision to discontinue one of them! We hope you will understand and try some of our other products and scents instead.

There are a few places on the web which still have the honeysuckle scented shaving cream in stock. is one, but I'm sure they're going quickly. Stock up fast if this is your favorite shaving cream.

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October 27, 2005

Billy Jealousy In the House!

hm_btn_logo.jpgThanks to the good folks over at Billy Jealousy for sending over some samples of their Hot Towel pre-shave treatment, their Hydroplane shave cream, and their Shaved Ice after-shave balm. We'll be testing those out over the next few weeks here at ShavingStuff and have a review up soon.

We mentioned that week that Billy Jealousy was one of the FHM 2005 Grooming Award winners. Looks like those aren't the only accolades they've won. Check out their winning mention in these articles from EDGE Boston:

From Shaving 101: A Primer:

This luxurious product is brilliant; it preps the face and makes it much easier to get a closer shave. Hot Towel is a citrus scented cream that can be used in conjunction with their Hydroplane Shaving Cream. Water activation makes it hot, like an old-fashioned hot towel treatment you’d get at the barber’s. Contains Aloe Vera and glycerin. (Editor’s note: Not only did I LOVE this prepping product, but the packaging is fabulous- simply, stylish, masculine… and it actually works!)

From Shaving 102: Smoother Than a Baby’s…:

Pros: Contains aloe, chamomile and micro-silicon beads- these help soothe and promote a smoother skin. Also in the mix is an anti-inflammatory agent (bye-bye razor burn!) and hydroscopic humectants to suck moisture into your skin. Has a citrus-mint blend fragrance that actually makes opening your eyes a pleasant experience.

Cons: Kept sniffing the bottle.

Editor’s Note: As far as scent and consistency goes, this was my favorite. It smells incredible and it’s as thick as honey- I wanted to eat it!

And for those of you who want to finish the EDGE Boston series, here's the link to Shaving 103: Cool it Now…. and Moisturize Too!.

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October 24, 2005

Ingrown Hair Night Cream

Ingrown hairs. There's a topic sure to make you squirm. But if you suffer from them, chances are you'll go to great lengths to get rid of them. Good news! The Art of Shaving has introduced a new cream designed specifically to attack ingrown hairs - Ingrown Hair Night Cream. The bad news - might take a little while.

The Art of Shaving Ingrown Hair Night Cream effectively accelerates the relief of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Before bedtime, apply generously to affected areas after cleansing with The Art of Shaving Facial Wash. Continue nightly for one to four weeks, or until you see complete healing.

Hmm... one to four weeks. Not sure I can wait that long. I tend to go nuts with a pair of tweezers when I have one. Probably not the wisest idea, but I want that sucker out.

The Art of Shaving's Ingrown Hair Night Cream is available on their website for $40.

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