October 20, 2005

The Science of Billy Jealousy's Hydroplane

hm_btn_logo.jpgSo as you might be able to tell I've been combing through the FHM Grooming awards looking for interesting topics and products to write about. Here's something worth mentioning - how modern science has improved shaving creams. From the September 29, 2005 post on Billy's Blog of Billy Jealousy:

Historically, the best way to achieve a close shave was to create a thick foam so your blade would ride a cushion of bubbles. Today with the creation of water-soluble micro silicone beads, thick foam has become obsolete. Water-soluble means that water doesn't permeate the silicone. As a result, Hydroplane becomes slicker and slicker when you add more water as you shave. The upshot? Your razor now floats over your face without any razor drag or irritation.

Hydroplane is Billy Jealousy's shaving cream, which they recommend using with their Hot Towel pre-shave treatment. Get 'em both for $42 and a portion of the price goes to supporting the arts and the environment.

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September 21, 2005

Baxter Shaving Article #2 at productdose.com

pdose.jpgArticle #2 entitled Shaving 101 with Baxter, Pt. 2: Your Face is Unique is up on productdose.com. Great info about paying attention to which way the grain of your whiskers grow, and also when not to use a multi-bladed razor. Apparently sometimes a close shave is too close. Click on over and check it out.

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September 19, 2005

Baxter Shaving Article #1 at productdose.com

pdose.jpgArticle #1 entitled Shaving 101 with Baxter, Part 1: Take Your Time is up on productdose.com. Click on over and learn why you shouldn't rush your morning ritual.

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September 16, 2005

Baxter Shaving Week at productdose.com

Shaving Kit-1.Jpg pdose.jpgIf you haven't checked out productdose.com then you're missing one of the great fashion / tech / products blog out there. They sample a little bit of all that's cool and hip. And next week they're covering a subject near and dear to our hearts - shaving!

"We were fortunate to have the Baxter team stop by our office the other day and give us a few tips on shaving, which we’ll be passing on to you throughout a weeklong shaving series next week."

Read more about productdose.com and Baxter, and then check out the rest of their site. I guarantee you'll find at least three things you want for Christmas.

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September 13, 2005

Kiehl's Ultimate Man Shave and Skin Sessions

logo_kiehls.gifKiehl's is hosting sessions on shaving and skin care at many of its stores during the second half of September. As regular readers probably know, I'm a big fan of their products. The Boston store has sessions from the 15th to the 30th, and for signing up you can receive a complimentary 8 oz. Grapefruit Luquid Body Cleanser. Give them a call if you're interested since space is limited. Kiehl's locations are available at their store locator.

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September 12, 2005

KENMEN Cosmetics for Men

kenmen2.jpgKENMEN defines the "Metrosexual" as

The modern urban male, who's ego is in the new comfort zone of blending intuition, fashion savvy and practicality...

To that end, they offer a wide array of male cosmetics, including such traditional women's products as color foundation and lip gloss. On the shaving end of the spectrum, KENMEN offers Baby Face Healing Shaving Cream, Ener-C After-Shave Moisturizing Balm, and Hydra-Blu After-Shave Toning Mist.

KENMEN is led by Lee Gilbert, a photography and television makeup artist, which may explain why their products are used by people like Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, L.L Cool Jay, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, and many more. Feel like looking like a Hollywood leading man? Might be worth a click.

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August 18, 2005

Smart Shave for Men

3 Home We've been looking into several "shaving systems" for men and we like the look of the Smart Shave approach. First they have exfoliating pads for getting the grime off your face before shaving, then you move on to the shaving cream they say is the smoothest yet, and finally you apply their cooling balm.

We are a big fan of the cooling balm here at Shaving Stuff. Most systems try and get you with a cooling balm and some lotion - we like to just cool and forgo the lotion.

At Smart Shave

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August 5, 2005

Styptic Pencil - A Cure For Nicks and Cuts

Every heard of a styptic pencil? I hadn't. But the more I read about them the more I understand their place in a standard set of shaving tools. The contain aluminum sulfate which acts as an astringent to stop the bleeding of small razor cuts and nicks. Just a little dab'll do ya! And they're cheap:

$4.00 at Caswell-Massey
$1.50 at Knifecenter.com
$1.49 at Drugstore.com

Does it hurt? You betcha! But weigh a bleeder against a sting and I'll bet you opt for the quick fix.

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August 3, 2005

Gillette Mystery Solved

29012880_d3d4016d2e.jpgLast week we reported on the story of Todd Lappin and his sexually ambiguous shaving cream. Today a follow up. Turns out the practice of reusing pre-printed shaving cream containers is common when resources are scarce. From Shani Jarvis, PR spokesperson for Gillette:

Occasionally, our manufacturing facilities encounter an excess in containers used for packaging one particular product. Rather than discarding these containers, the packaging may be re-labeled and used for another product.

She goes on to say that the contents always reflect the packaging, meaning men's and women's formulas are different. Read the whole story at gelfmagazine.com.

Special thanks for Laura Kovacs for this story. Check out her blog ShirtSnob for all that's hip above the hip.

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July 28, 2005

Strong Enough For A Man, But Made For A Woman

29012880_d3d4016d2e.jpgOh the dirty underbelly of the shaving cream business has been exposed. And it turns out that underbelly is... a pretty good looking woman with smooth legs.

Unbeknownst to Todd Lappin, Gillette secretly replaced his shaving gel (and by extension every other bottle of Gillette men's shaving gel out there) with women's Satin Care. Will he notice the difference?

Thankfully the whole drama is documented on flickr, with before and after photos. Is it real or is it photoshop? We report, you decide.

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