August 5, 2008

Review of Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream

barbasol_th.jpgFor one day and one day only, we're changing the name of this site from ShavingStuff to ShavingSnob. Look, I've been very fortunate to have shaved with some of the best. Billy and Baxter? They're my buddies. They're on speed dial. I know a lot of people out there don't want to pay a lot for shaving cream, but hey - it's your face. If you're spending more on carwax than your cara, we need to talk.

So I've been shaving with Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream (between $4 and $5) for the last couple weeks, and I'll admit it. I'm a shaving snob. I like the high-end brands, and I think you will too if you give them a shot.

First, let's talk about scent. We've used products with scents that range from coconut to citrus, from sandalwood to soap. This products falls in the soap range, but sadly there's something artificial in the end result. If you're used to soap smelling like detergent, you won't mind. If you've spent the last five year sampling the creme de la creme of the shaving world, you'll be mildly turned off.

The shave with Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream is fine, especially if you have a sharp razor blade. I found that once my blade started to dull after a few uses, the number of nicks and cuts increased. You don't get that extra lubricating protection of a shaving oil or higher-end cream here, so make sure you have a tough face or a sharp blade.

Also, I don't think Barbasol does much to stand your whiskers up straight. The shave I got wasn't the closest, and I always ended up doing the re-apply/double-shave to get to a level I was used to.

I know. I'm a shaving snob. I'm all about the aroma, the experience, the 100% organic free-range conflict-free botanicals. But have you read the ingredient list on some of these drugstore brands? Remember the breakdown of Edge Sensitive Skin?

Chances are you're at this site because you're looking for a better shave. I'm glad you found your way. Your journey is just beginning, grasshopper. Check out our reviews section for some ideas on where to start. Then go forth and shave.

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July 29, 2008

This Just In - Molton Brown

Ever stay in a high-end hotel, with all those fancy soaps and lotions that you want to lift off the maid's cart in the hallway? Well, I have. Taken extra soaps, that is. Because invariably those fancy soaps and lotions are made by the London company Molton Brown, and they smell great. Mmm mmm. You know, if they didn't smell so great, I wouldn't be tempted to take more than my fair share.

Anyway, big thanks to our friends over at Detail for Men who sent over a bunch of Molton Brown shaving products. In particular:

That's right. "Shavewax". Your guess is as good as mine. Can't wait to crack these guys open and breathe deeply. Stay tuned for our full report.

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July 21, 2008

Review of Peter Thomas Roth 21st Century Shave Cream

ptr21st.jpegJust got back from the 21st century and boy are my arms tired! Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the Fusion.

Take a minute to refresh your memory about Hungarian skin-care prodigy Peter Thomas Roth, then come on back for our review of his shaving cream.

Actually, Mr. Roth has two shaving creams - 21st Century Shave Cream and Modern Classic Shave Cream. We're reviewing the former, which oddly enough is currently not available on his website, but is available from Details for Men (who supplied us with it).

Cutting edge 21st century technology delivers this unique, rich, velvety shaving cream that is formulated with skin-smoothing moisturizers that form a silky, protective barrier allowing for a closer, more comfortable shave without irritation.

"Velvety" is a decent description of this shaving cream. Close to the consistency of home-made whipped cream. Appearing thick and white, yet still loose and spreadable. Goes on easily with fingers but not thickly so you still have a decent view of your skin underneath.

The scent of Peter Thomas Roth's 21st Century Shave Cream is not it's strong point. Not bad, but not that interesting. Kind of vaguely reminds me of Elmer's Glue mixed with a little sun screen. It's a flat smell, if that makes any sense.

Here's the thing. I've had the privilege to shave with some pretty amazing products over the last few years, so the bar has been raised pretty darn high. Peter Thomas Roth's 21st Century Shave Cream is a huge step up from drugstore brands, but it's not at the level of a Billy, Art, or some other Gentlemen we've tried. The shave is solid with little to no irritation. It's close but not super-close. This is one of those brands I'd recommend to someone who's beginning their quest for the ultimate shave. You'll see a huge improvement over all those "foaming gels" and the like.

Peter Thomas Roth 21st Century Shave Cream is $21 for a 7 oz tube.

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July 9, 2008

Free Shave Gel and Soothe from ZIRH - Today Only

zirh_gel_sooothe.jpgThinking about putting in a ZIRH order? Today's your lucky day. Buy $75 worth of ZIRH products and receive a free Shave Gel and Soothe for your troubles.

We're fans of ZIRH Shave Gel. Allow me to quote from our September 2006 review, which went a little something like this:

Even though SHAVE GEL appears to have a bluish tint, it goes on totally clear - perfect for today's facial sculpteur. But it's thick enough for you to feel where you've applied it and where you might need to add a little more. Also, doesn't gunk up your razor head. Works great with or without PREPARE, but honestly I'd do the one-two combo over the solo mission. Your face wants all the protection it can get.

If I remember right, we likened ZIRH Shave GEL to some B-Movie blob special effect, with A-list movie star results. Didn't get a chance to try ZIRH Soothe, but based on track record we bet it would rate highly. Stock up on ZIRH today.

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June 24, 2008

Review of John Allan's Splash After Shave

ja_splash.jpg[A plea to my humble reader - please read this entire review. What may seem like a lost cause turns into a happy ending.]

There's a reason they call John Allan's Splash After Shave "an old school after-shave splash with a bite." Alcohol. And lots of it. What looks like a friendly bottle of bubbles turns out to be a harsh wake-up after your shave. Splash some Splash on your freshly shaven face and feel the bite.

[Note to humble reader: keep reading]

But then something magical happens. Your face actually feels good. And it doesn't need any more love. Last time around we after-shaved with John Allan's Calming After Shave Balm, and if you remember, we often needed to supplement with a little heavier cream. Splash is the total package. Could be the Chamomilla Extract & Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. Could be the Willow Bark and Cucumber Extracts. Could be that anything feels better after being slapped by an alcohol induced rage. Whatever it is, I came to really like John Allan's Splash.

I'm recommending this after shave whole heartedly. I had no redness or irritation from this product. In fact my skin seems clearer and healthier than before. I fully expect to get some feedback about the horrors of "the bite", or the use of alcohol in after shave, but I'm standing by my man John (or J.A., as I like to call him). He's made a believer out of me again.

John Allan's Splash After Shave is $18.50 for a 4oz bottle.

[Final note to humble reader: You rock!]

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June 23, 2008

Review of John Allan's Shave

Every so often we get the chance to go back and visit an old favorite. Such is the case with John Allan's. A couple months ago we got a bunch of new products in and we've been steadily working our way through them.

Some history, for those new to John Allan's - starts in Europe, studies with the best, comes to New York, opens membership club, starts his own product line, products are awesome. What? Too much for you in today's information overload world? (Full history is here.)

I've been shaving with John Allan's Shave for about a month now, and it's like seeing a good friend after a year's absence. Great shave, great scent, great to catch up. In fact, my old review still holds true. Allow myself to quote myself, (unless of course the A. P. objects):

John Allan's Shave Cream is a white, almost fluffy cream, which smells like oats. Reminds me of those Molton Brown Oatmeal Soaps you sometimes find in fine hotels or restaurant bathrooms. The cream goes on easily and remains visibly white on your face, although it doesn't foam up so you can still easily see your skin underneath. Best to use your fingers when applying. It's a little too thick for a brush, and despite your best efforts (with fingers or with a brush), the cream will never look truly uniform on your face. I was initially concerned about this, but it turned out to be a non-issue. The shave is great. Far fewer nicks and cuts than other shaving creams. Great lubrication - no razor burn whatsoever. Also, John Allan's did a great job of lifting even my stubborn hairs up, so I always got a smooth, close shave.

Like I said, it's good to see you again, Mr. John Allan. Over the next few days we'll check out some other John Allan's products which are new to Shaving Stuff. In the meantime, John Allan's Shave is $14.50 for a 4oz tube. Get some.

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June 17, 2008

Proraso Products at Bath and Body Works Under the C.O. Bigelow Name

cobigelowshave.jpgProraso is an old-school Italian shaving brand which wasn't seen much in the States until Target started carrying it. Then one day their shelves went empty, never to be refilled. Perhaps Proraso didn't have the same mass market appeal as a 250 count box of Hefty Cinch Sacks. Whatever.

Eagle-eye Shaving Stuff reader Scott recently wrote in with this tip:

Bath and Body Works is selling Proraso shave cream under the name "C.O. Bigelow". If you look closely under the Bigelow banner on the box it says "made by Proraso for C.O. Bigelow"

I haven't made it to my local Bath and Body Works shop to verify this, but aside from the item being listed as "Domestic" on their website, I have no reason to doubt this information. If someone out there in shaving land can corroborate, we'd all appreciate.

In the meantime, if you're desperate to get your Proraso on, head on over to Details for Men for a little taste of the Italian import.

Thanks for the tip Scott!

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June 12, 2008

Gimme A Light - NXT Light Shave Gel

What do you do when you've got a great new product and zero advertising budget? Bake the advertising into the product. Here's a great article from the New York Times about NXT Light Shave Gel - men's grooming products that actually light up!

To call attention to themselves, the products, which are aimed at 18- to 24-year-old men, will glow on the shelves, inviting customers to pick them up. Every 15 seconds, a light-emitting diode (LED) in the bottom of the container flares on, stays lighted for a few seconds, then fades out.

Neat idea, and well thought out.

Each NXT light is powered by two or three AAA batteries, and a rolling switch turns off the contraption when it's upside down or sideways. The light will flash for about a year, so the product is shipped upside-down from its plant in China in boxes that say "This Side Up" in five languages.

NXT Light Shave Gel is aimed at men with sensitive skin. Those who need a light shave. Get it? And for $5, NXT Light Shave Gel is light on your wallet. Look for their products at Target, CVS, Wal*Mart, and other major retailers.

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May 23, 2008

Gifts for Dad: aMENity Limited Edition Gift Set

amenity-gift-set.jpgHere's another idea for dad in the pricey but high-quality arena. It's the a|MEN|ity Limited Edition Gift Set, and it comes with everything you need to cleanse, shave, and moisturize:

  • Gel Face Cleanser
  • Shave Cream
  • After Shave and Face Moisturizer
  • The Balm (moisturizer)
  • Anti-Breakout Gel

We reviewed a|MEN|ity products way back when with very positive results, so click on over and familiarize yourself with them and their magical PRO-FORM 6 concoction. In the meantime, here's the straight dope on the dopp:

This five-product kit comes in a classic shape, sleek and sporty Italian leather dopp kit. [...] This travel kit will meet all his needs and become a staple in the bathroom and on the road. Designed by Amenity for added simplicity and convenience, style and durability for the discerning gentleman. [...] The limited edition set comes in a custom-designed black, one-piece gift box to make the presentation of this gift unique in every way.

All that and it's gift-boxed too? Sweet! Gotta love one-stop shopping. The a|MEN|ity Limited Edition Gift Set is $250. Make a dad happy.

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May 21, 2008

Get All Products from Ritual in "The Kit"

boxset_200_ritual.jpgAll of the items we've been reviewing over the past week have come from Ritual's The Kit, which includes full size containers of all their products - Nature Calls, Razor Rinse, The Whip, The Balm and Trifecta. Plus, The Kit comes in an old-school wooden box (pictured) with Ritual's logo burned and branded on the top. All-in-all it makes for a sweet presentation.

Oh! Did say present-a-tion? Huh, Father's Day is coming up. The Kit might make a dad very happy.

The Kit from Ritual is $79.

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