May 19, 2008

Review of The Whip Shaving Cream from Ritual

whip_250.jpgFinally! We've been shampooing, disinfecting, and even masking the smell of our sh!t business with products from Ritual. It's about time we shaved. Say hello to The Whip.

Abide by the ritual. The Whip is a richly lathered shave cream, which spreads easily across your face and neck no matter how thick your facial hair. It calms with Aloe, Chamomile, and Cucumber extracts and contains just enough Lidocaine to reduce the burning and redness that result from shaving.

I was totally happy with the shave from The Whip. Nice and close. No nick or cuts. No irritation. And even though they describe it as "richly lathered", the Whip doesn't foam or lather on your face, which is a plus in my book. It's white, not clear, but you can still see a fair amount of your skin underneath if you're trying to avoid a blemish or existing facial hair.

I think the only mark against The Whip from me would be the scent. Somewhere between medicinal and lemony, although not altogether unpleasant. This isn't a recommendation against The Whip. Just saying I've smelled better.

The Whip Shave Cream from Ritual is $18 for a 6 oz tube.

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April 29, 2008

This Just In - More Products from John Allan's

Believe it or not Father's Day is only about 6 weeks away, and John Allan's is not wasting any time. They've sent over five grooming products they think would make a great gift for dad:

About a year ago we had a chance to review a couple John Allan's products and we found them to be "top shelf". (Is it weird to be quoting myself?) If these new products are anything like the previous ones, we'll be singing their praises in no time. Check back soon for our review, plus other Fathers' Day gift ideas. Six weeks may seem like an eternity, but it'll pass before you know it.

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April 28, 2008

ZIRH Platinum is Here

zirhR2REVOLUTION250.jpgAs we mentioned earlier in the month, ZIRH is launching a new premium brand of men's grooming products called ZIRH Platinum. And now it's here! Yup, ZIRH Platinum is online and available for your face and your skin. With eight new products to choose from, you're certain to find the right formulation for your necessitation.

Except for shaving. Hey Platinum ZIRH! What gives? You've got ZIRH R2 R-EVOLUTION Resurface and Remedy Post Shave Healing Balm, for post shaving. But no shaving cream? That's like having a toothpaste but no toothbrush. Or a buggy and no horse. Or a thing and not the other thing that the first thing needed. You know what I mean.

ZIRH R2 R-EVOLUTION Resurface and Remedy Post Shave Healing Balm is $65 for a 1.7 ounce tube. For the moment you're still shaving with ZIRH platinum-free shaving cream, gel, or foam. I hope they rectify platnify this situation soon.

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April 22, 2008

Review of Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel

sharpsshavegel.gifDay two of our review of Sharps products. Yesterday we applied some Kid Glove Pre-Shave Stick, today we're shaving with Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel.

Go ahead and make fun of my lack of manliness. I read the directions:

  1. Massage a thin layer onto damp skin.

  2. Wait 30 seconds. Contemplate the goat... feel the kick!

  3. Using short strokes, shave with the grain of hair growth.

  4. Repeat (for you Grizzlies, repeat against the grain).

Have you ever really stared at the picture of a goat? I have. Many times now. In 30 second increments. Here's my free association:

My wife and I had our first baby nine months ago. The boy is awesome. He's staring at me. He likes it when I shave. I remember when he was born. That was an awesome day. We learned a lot about childbirth. Huh... Look at that picture of a goat. You know, that kind of looks like a uterus. And two fallopian tubes. And a... Ok, must be time to shave now.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Shaving with Sharps.

The pluses - easy to apply; clear, so you can see what you're doing; very few nicks and cuts.

The minuses - not the closest shave. Not the worst shave by far, but solidly in the middle. I recommend following step 4 (from above) and doing the repeat shave. Maybe not necessarily against the grain, but perpendicular.

I'd rate Sharps' shave along the lines of Anthony Logistics for Men. A good first step out of the world of drug-store shaving creams. But like anyone trying to expand their horizons, you won't truly appreciate the finer things in life if you jump straight to the end. So consider Sharps for the man who needs to learn there's a better shave out there.

Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel is $13 for a 5 ounce tube.

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April 17, 2008

A Trio of TSA-Approved Travel Kits

When the TSA announced their crazy rules about liquids and gels on airplanes, who would have predicted they'd create a new market. Well, that's exactly what happened, and we're seeing an explosion of TSA-approved travel kits from all the major players in the men's grooming world.

Take Billy Jealousy's Wanderlust Travel Kit ($36), which comes complete with regulation 2 ounce containers of Hydroplane Shave Cream, Fuzzy Logic Shampoo, White Knight Facial Cleanser, ILLICIT Body Wash, Cool Medium Hair Gel, and most importantly - a Clear Vinyl Pouch.


Or, if you're a Baxter man, check out Baxter of California's Travel Kit + Dopp ($50). Baxter's gonna outfit you with 2 ounce bottles of Daily Face Wash, Oil Free Moisturizer, Super Close Shave Formula, After Shave Balm, Daily Protein Shampoo, a couple of hotel size EDA cleansing Bars, and a custom travel dopp bag. That means you're going to have to supply your own zip-lock clear plastic bag.


Finally, Anthony's in the TSA game with Anthony Logistics for Men's Grab + Go Travel Kit ($35). Two ounce bottles of Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Shave Cream, Astringent, Coconut Shampoo, Cleansing Gel, and the requisite zip top plastic bag.

Most of your favorite brands now sell these airplane-safe travel packs, so click on over to your products of choice and get set to sail through the airport.

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April 2, 2008

ZIRH Platinum

zirh_platinum.jpgZIRH's latest email announced the launch of a new line of products - ZIRH Platinum.

Designed for the man who demands only the best of the best. Now his skincare commands the same high standards.

Not much additional info is available, however here's the expected line-up according to Basenotes:

  • Drenched - Ultra-hydrating moistuizer ($95)
  • Revive - Under-eye complex ($75)
  • Accli-matte - Mattifying moisturizer ($95)
  • Age Defense - Enviromental Response Cream ($125)
  • R2 R-Evolution - Resurface and remedy post shave healing balm ($65)
  • PM Rescue - Night time renewing serum ($125)
  • Repair - Deep wrinkle concentrate ($145)
  • Total Re-charge - Retexturizing Facial serum ($125)

The launch date is April 15th. No word yet if there'll be a shaving cream in the Platinum line. We'll have more info as it becomes available.

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March 20, 2008

$2.95 Shipping at

buzzskinshipping.jpgQuick shout out to my buddies over at, who are running a shipping special for the rest of the month of March. FedEx ground shipping is only $2.95 for all orders under $75.

But wait! What if my order is over $75?!?

Relax kid. Just split it into two. Kidding. Orders over $75 continue to be free.

So stock up on all the cool brands like Billy Jealousy, MenScience, Baxter of California, Jack Black, and more.

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March 10, 2008

Review of Mensgroom Shave the Males Shaving Cream

mensgroomshave.jpgA while back we got a big shipment of products from Mensgroom. It's taken some time to get through them, but we're finally ready for the reviews. So here we go...

First up - Shave the Males shaving cream. What's in it? "Menthol, Mannetake Mushroom, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E."

Hold on. Did you say shrooms? Ok. Now you've got my attention.

Actually Mannetake Mushrooms seems to be the secret sauce to most Mensgroom products. I'm sure there's some health-related reason like blah blah lubricating oils and yada yada amino acids, but seriously dude. One tab of this sh!t and I was shaving with a rainbow Medusa-headed Hendrix. Does your morning shave get any better than that?

Mensgroom Shave the Males is a white cream which goes on easily and does not foam up. Why doesn't the Shave Cream foam up?

You want to know why? Because it's not supposed to, that's why. Because its Mushroom Extract and Aloe Vera, meant to calm and moisturise your skin for a smoother shave, will never, ever foam. Ever. Now leave us alone.

(Answers and other insults can be found at their FAQ by clicking on the above link.)

The shaving cream provides a slick surface for your razor, and I had little to no nicks or cuts while using this stuff for a month. Great close shave everyday. We've already covered the foaming bit, but that means you use a regular amount with each shave. Not a ton, but this isn't one of those magic soaps where a tiny smidge lathers up to a bubble bath. Just don't skimp on your first shave, and then start cutting back to see how little you really need.

I've read a bunch of shaving reviews on other sites, and one thing some people worry about in general is shaving cream gunking up their razor. Not an issue for me, but I imagine this might bother some people if they tried Mensgroom. So you rinse your razor more often. You should be doing that after every stroke anyway.

Mensgroom Shave the Males shaving cream is $22 for a 6.8 oz / 200 ml tube. As they say on their site, "Shaving usually sucks. Now it sucks a lot less." We agree.

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March 5, 2008

Shaving Products from The Refinery

refinery.gifShavingStuff reader Terry recently wrote in to tell us about The Refinery:

This is NOT the Gentlemen's Refinery website (based in Glasgow and totally inferior). This is The Refinery website based in the best bits of London and with its own elite HQ in Brook Street in the West End of London, as well as at Harrods, etc. I'm a recent customer of Refinery Shave Oil and Refinery Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin. Click the Products tag on the website. On their own, either of these two products are stunning, simply the best in the world, but TOGETHER they are a well nigh spiritual experience (as in miraculous). They have outlets in the USA as well. Go there and be born again as a shaver. Don't say you weren't told...

Bold statement, as we're big fans of the Gentlemen's Refinery. "The Refinery" shaving products are here. I haven't tried them, but if anyone else has I'd love to hear about.

If you're looking for where to buy these products, check their list of retail stockists. (Is that even a word?) Looks like here in the US you'll need to hit up Barney's or stay in the Four Seasons for a night. I'm going to go with the Four Seasons and grab a few extra off the maid's cart in the hallway.

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February 11, 2008

15% Off Shave the Males and Soothe the Shaven Beast from Mensgroom

ShavetheMales.jpgWe're currently in the midst of reviewing the full line of Mensgroom products, from Shave the Males all the way to Be Cleansed My Son. Advanced word is very positive, but you'll have to check back in a week or two for the full report.

In the mean time Mensgroom is having a Valentine's Day sale which you should check out: Save 15% when you order Shave the Males shaving cream and Soothe the Shaven Beast after shave from their website. Not too shabby. Might make a good Valentine's gift for someone special...

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